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  • Key Management Systems in Australia

    Are you in the market for some reliable key management systems in Australia? TelKee Lockable Cabinets has the best solution available in the market. These Australian-made secure key cabinets offers simple & efficient key filing with unparallel security and durability. With measures taken to foresee expansion of capacity, you are set for the foreseeable future. Being the leading key management systems supplier in Australia for over 50 years, TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers you complete control and a systematic method for filing your keys with security and convenience at your fingertips. Whether you are looking to store a few keys or a large number of keys for whatever requirement, be it residential or commercial, TelKee will offer you the best solution in terms of key control.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinet Products Portfolio Key Management Solutions

    With a perfect reputation of offering the finest quality lockable key control cabinets, accessories and speciality/multi-use cabinets too, with unprecedented after-sales customer service, you can either purchase the cabinets and key management systems online or through our reputed Australian suppliers & distributors. Each cabinet is made of 1ml-1.6ml steel that have a baked enamel finish available in gray and beige for ideal office aesthetics. They can be freestanding or wall mounted to suit your requirement and space making them suitable for any industry – real estate, government, car fleets/parking lots & yards, schools & universities, hospitals & aged care to name a few.

    You have the option of numerically coding your key hooks so that they are identifiable and accessible to only authorised personnel. These accessories are available as part of the standard package when you buy a TelKee key cabinet. The risk of theft is reduced exponentially and not to mention it can provide assistance in your duty of care with concern to office management or administration tasks. With a large range of accessories that include coloured key tags that can be numbered or plain (available in red, blue, yellow and green), panels for TelKee key cabinets and drawer files (with hooks), locking options (that are keyed and keyless), “key out” signature strips/receipt tags, expansion kits,  key hook labels and more, you can easily inquire about the key management solutions and other products we offer by dropping us an email or chatting with our Live Chat customer representative.

    Telkee Lockable Key Cabinets key security   key management Key cabinets   Key management system   Telkee  key storage problems. Model key capacity c

    Choose TelKee Lockable Cabinets for a number of reasons; easy upgrades & capacity expansions, locking mechanisms, accessories for ease of management and more. Find out which key cabinet is suitable for you by browsing our web site.

  • Choosing TelKee Lockable Cabinets & Products for Office Management Solutions

    In the market for office management solutions, that ranges from lockable key cabinets, multi-use storage cabinets, or key hook panels that can be fitted into existing filing cabinets in order to utilise your space efficiently? These are all great ways in which you can put to use products by TelKee Lockable Cabinets. If you need a reason why you should pick TelKee Lockable Cabinets, we have not one, but a few great reasons why!

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets best lockable cabinet office management solutions in Australia

    The TelKee Lockable Cabinets are the best Australian made key cabinets available in the market today, offering easy solutions ranging from small and medium to large enterprises. With the benefits that include ease and increased efficiencies, reduction in insurance burdens, minimising the risk of theft, and taking control over duty of care towards key management, TelKee Lockable Cabinets also provides some other additional features that make it the best lockable cabinet office management solutions in Australia.

    Easy Upgrades and Capacity Expansions

    With many models that cater to capacity, size, type of storage items and not to mention locking options, TelKee offers cabinets with easy upgrades and the option to increase capacity to utilise your chosen cabinet size’s full potential. With different models that cater to residential/commercial keys and vehicle/bulky keys, to storing WHS items and more, you are able to compare and decide on the best option for you. You can easily upgrade your locking mechanism from the standard cam lock to the preferred choice of locking system available. You can also add on expansion panels to increase your hook capacity in the lockable key cabinets and also adjust the shelves of the multi-use storage cabinets to fit the in miscellaneous office items such as files, electronics, and more.

    Locking Mechanisms

    The standard locking mechanism includes a cam lock with two keys. Any of the models can be upgraded and can be done so in two common ways. First, a keyless access via a Mechanical Keypad or 3-Digit Combo lock, or second, higher security via a Manager Override or 3-point locking system.

    Accessories for Management

    Each cabinet comes with one plastic key tag for to the capacity of hooks available in that cabinet, number from 1 to the maximum capacity, available in either red or blue. Cabinets and panels are painted with a baked enamel and come in two colours, beige which is considered the ideal office colour and gray which is ideal for construction sites and outdoor offices. Other accessories that are available with the TelKee Lockable Cabinets include signature strips, index cards and more.

  • Key Cabinet with Combination Lock

    A key cabinet is a useful piece of office equipment to any business organisation, whether large or small. Offering more than just a means of storing your keys to your premises or vehicles safe and sound, it also offers numerous advantages in managing your keys too. When you choose a lockable cabinet, make sure to be aware of all the features it provides, along with the standard model combination locking mechanism and not to mention the complementary accessories you are offered along with the purchase of this secure key management solution.

    TelKee Lockable Key Cabinet 686 Secure Key Cabinet Model

    The following includes some of the features included in a TelKee Lockable Cabinet for key management.

    • Whether you’re looking to store standard keys or you need to store oversized keys individually or in bunches, TelKee’s key cabinets have accounted for this possibility, where the capacity is designed based on 1-2 regular house sized keys per hook. There are ways in which oversized/bulky keys can be stored by either using every other row or hook, or leaving an empty slot (for a panel, an example –the 686 TelKee key cabinet model allows up to 4 panels for a maximum of 450 keys or if bunches are used can accommodate 3 panels for 350 keys or 2 panels for 250 keys).
    • Locking mechanisms plays a big role in ensuring the safety of the keys, and TelKee offers various options. One such locking options is the 3 Digit Combination Lock that offers 3 digit changeable combinations, a cam lock mechanism,                 mechanical system without batteries being a necessity, no maintenance, and also the default locking option available for all the TelKee models.
    • If you need to increase your capacity, the TelKee secure lockable cabinet for key management has features for expansions with the use of panels that have key hooks. Whilst taking into consideration the type of keys being stored (that is, standard and/or bulky keys), there are 4 types expansion models – T347 (up to 1 panel,  60 hooks max), T530 (up to 3 panels,  245 hooks max), T686 (up to 4 panels,  450 hooks max), and T686L (up to 5 panels,  550 hooks max)
    • Each cabinet comes with accessories such as plastic key tags that are numbered sequentially from one up to the maximum capacity of each cabinet model in either red or blue. For example, a T530/175 key cabinet includes tags #1-175.

    TelKee Key Cabinet Models

  • Government Office Key Management Policy

    It’s important to enforce office key management solutions, policies and protocols when working with/in the government sector of your country. TelKee Lockable Cabinets Australia knows this requirement and its importance, especially so that the product catalogues including models and accessories take these factors into account to offer personnel tasked with physical security of persons and assets the convenience of using key lockable cabinets or office cabinets.

    First and foremost, the objectives of creating Key and Lock Management Policy for your government office should be identified and highlighted. These may include;

    • Enforcing/maintaining maximum security of premises with reasonable usability of physical assets
    • Maintaining strict control over government office key and lock systems including Master keys & duplicates as well as distribution amongst key authorities/personnel
    • Measures taken to record chain of accountability for key issuance and use/management of lockable key cabinets

    The general rules and protocols should also be clearly stated, such as offices and building will need to be locked outside of normal working hours  in order to maintain safety of physical assets on premises, it’s content in terms of intellectual property and personnel (inclusive of persons on premises that are tasked to secure the compound/premises). It’s always a good rule of thumb to assign a division/cost centre the authority over key control and management. This could be the Security department or Occupational/Workplace Health & Safety committee. Usually, with concern to government offices and key management, this falls under the Security Department’s purview. They will be responsible for providing access to the infrastructure as well as opening restricted areas and more.  Depending on the access control solutions that have been utilised, your lock and key policy should define the keys that will be the care of the department and their respective people in charge. You can also breakdown the policy into the types of keys – keys to vehicles, cabinets, lockers, desks and more, to ensure that accountability is present at all times. It’s also important to document the issuance of keys as well as trace back to whoever has dispatched or utilised a key if an unfavourable event/circumstance arises.

    Classifying your keys and the levels of keys (Great Grand Master Key, Grand Master Key, Building Master Keys, Department Master Keys, Individual Door Keys, Vehicle Keys, Desks, Cabinets, Lockers, etc) and the approval authority (in the event the keys are required during afterhours) and the issuing entity from their respective lockable key cabinet is important, in order to create an accountable flow with proper office key management.

    Therefore, your government office key control policy should include the following sections for your reference.

    TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Medium Key  Management Solutions Australia Telkee SKU #- T383M

  • University Key Management Solutions & Procedures

    Proper solutions and procedures for key management are vital for both safety and security of persons living/working on campus and the physical assets too. Setting up procedures to standardise office key management with an effective system implemented by all cost centres involved, duty of care responsibilities can be upheld with ease.

    TelKee Australia Lockable Key Security cabinet Model T35  Key Management System i

    Cost centres in a university can include the likes of the following where key management and duty of care falls onto the following personnel.

    Department /Centre /Unit: Manager/Senior Manager

    Faculty: Assistant Manager / Manager/Senior Manager

    Hostel: Hostel Assistant Manager

    If an office doesn't fall into a specific cost centre, the responsibility or duty of care of keys will usually fall into the hands of the senior officer.

    University key management solutions will be required to store various types of keys, in different locations with cabinet locking mechanisms and policies/systems in place to ensure a smooth running office key management.  The following types of keys can be categorised with the secure key cabinet solutions as per the size/capacity of keys/hooks required. If vehicular key management cabinets are required, they can be categorised separately to accommodate the bulky key heads.

    Reserve Keys: These keys are duplicates to the keys used for daily use, crucial areas and vehicles, as well as those to the secure key cabinets. These keys should be in the custody of the Security Department for emergency usage only with the strict permission from the officer in charge. A mechanical locking system for this secure key cabinet would be recommended.

    Daily Keys: These keys include the office keys used often by respective cost centre.

    Crucial Area Keys: These include important keys that give access to crucial or high security areas and are categorised separately and is accessible only by the respective officers in charge or with authorisation. A mechanical locking system for this secure key cabinet would be recommended.

    Vehicle Keys: These include keys used for vehicles carrying bulky key heads which require more room for storage. A standard locking mechanism, with a signature strip and indexing system would recommended for use with a vehicle key cabinet solution.

    Having classified your key management solutions by category of keys, it's important that you also set aside rules and plan of execution in case of emergencies, as well as how the use of keys will occur and what will be required for office key management to document responsibility/ownership.

  • Key Management Solutions and More for Offices

    Office administration needs to operate much like running a tight ship; there needs to be various factors set in place to ensure that everything is running as it's supposed to. One important thing to consider is that especially in the  case of office storage and key management solutions is that ensuring a secure cabinet for keys or other items  are  secure   and tamper proof is vital for business continuity as well as the safety of tangible assets, whether they are  structural or operational  assets.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinet  Key Management  Solutions

    At Telkee Lockable Cabinets Australia, there are many office storage and key management solutions that can definitely help in making sure you run tight ship. If office administration falls under your duty of care purview, then you may find the following solutions ideal for your business/organisation.

    There are various types of lockable cabinets available for your choosing depending on the sizes and quantity of keys you wish to store as well as security mechanisms and aesthetic appearances. The following includes some of the models of secure key cabinets available with TelKee Lockable Cabinets that are available in two choices of colour; beige or gray.

    Size: S

    Capacity (Hooks): 35, 60

    Models: Standard (347/35, 347/60), Vehicles (347C/20)

    Size: M

    Capacity (Hooks): 100, 175, 245

    Models: Standard (530/100, 530/175, 530/245), Vehicles (530C/80)

    Size: L / XL

    Capacity (Hooks): 150, 250, 350, 450

    Models: Standard (686/150, 686/250, 686/350, 686/450), Standard XL (686L/150, 686L/250, 686L/350, 686L/450), Vehicles (686C/100, 686LC/150)

    Apart from the key cabinet solutions available, there are also accessories and other cabinet solutions that definitely help you with your office management requirements. These include the likes of multi-use storage cabinets, workplace health and safety cabinets and filing cabinet accessories.

    Multi-Use Cabinets: With these multi-use cabinet solutions that are available with adjustable shelves, it's easy to work your way around bulky items that previously didn't have a place of its own due to its size.

    Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets: These cabinet solutions are ideal for storing documentation and files on Workplace Health & Safety that is essential at the likes of job sites that require it. Easily transportable, these are similar to the multi-use cabinets but specifically for the purpose of it being for the storage of these items.

    Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet with Adjustable Shelves Telkee Lockable Cabinets Australia

    Filing Cabinet Accessories: With filing cabinets, you need to make optimum use of the space made available to you, that's why TelKee offers you an easy way to add your key management solutions to your existing filing cabinet via a suspension panel that is fitted with hooks and all the works you've get with a panel from a key cabinet.

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