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  • 5 Tips to Organise Your Small Business

    Everyone knows that an organised business is most often a productive business! While staying organised doesn’t come naturally to many of us, it really isn’t hard to get your small business and workspace organised with these effective tips from the Telkee Key Cabinets team.

    Office Organisation for Increased Productivity

    Organise and Secure Valuables

    Keep your insurance and replacement costs down by keeping your valuables safe in a lockable cabinet. Choose from a range of cabinets that are specific to your business need, for instance store keys in a secure key cabinet, while vehicle key safes are ideal if you’re running a vehicle fleet management company. Adjustable shelf cabinets can be used to keep other business resources secure such as dvds, laptops etc.

    Keep Your Notes Organised

    Inspiration can strike at any time, so it’s important to choose the ideal note-taking tool to suit your requirements. This can also be used to jot down tasks on the go and should be easily accessible at all times. First decide if you prefer to use a pen and paper, voice recording on your smartphone or an app. This really depends on what you’re looking for and should fit your lifestyle well.

    Organise Your Paper Files

    Do you know that research shows that  the average person wastes over 4 hours per week searching for papers? Go through your filing cabinets and shred anything that’s out of date or no longer relevant to your business. If you’re worried you might one day need four-year old notes from a client project, then scan the originals and throw out the paper files to make more room.

    Tame Your Email Inbox

    You will find yourself wasting tons of time searching through your email inbox if it’s organised and you’re likely to miss spotting important emails too. Setup filters so that the only emails you see in your primary inbox are the ones that you need to deal with, while everything is neatly archived for later.

    Also, make sure you cut down on the number of emails you receive by unsubscribing to newsletters you no longer need or setup filters to have them go into separate folder so that your primary email inbox is not inundated with non essential emails.

    Organise Your Legal Work

    Spend some time figuring out and tying up all legal loose ends for your small business. This can be anything from sorting out licences and local permits to ensuring you’re setup properly with a Tax file etc.

  • Effective Security with Filing Cabinet Key Storage

    If space is an issue for you, but you still require an effective key management control system, filing cabinet key storage is the answer for you. Apart from providing a safe and organised environment for your keys to minimise the risk of theft and loss, the Telkee filing cabinet key storage system fits neatly and easily into any existing standard size filing cabinet - resulting in less floor space being taken up by yet another bulky cabinet. Keep reading for more information on convenient office key storage solutions from the Telkee team of experts.

    Why Keep Keys in a Filing Cabinet?

    Apart from the reasons listed above, depending on your industry you may need to keep a large number of keys organised for instance in the case of a vehicle rental company, car sales establishment or a real estate property management agency. Keeping large bunches of keys in a desk drawer will not work when it comes to keeping your valuable property safe and also results in time wasted when trying to locate the right key in a hurry. Using Telkee’s Filing Cabinet Solutions can really simplify things for you, allowing easy tracking of where each key is stored and who has access to them which will help you reduce the risk of theft and the cost of replacements.

    Key Management Solutions for Business Sizes and Industries

    The great part about Telkee filing cabinet key storage solutions is that it can be used conveniently by small, medium or large businesses in a variety of industries. Easily slotting into any existing standard sized filing cabinet, the hanging panels hold upto 25 hooks that is durable and allows easy hanging of keys. Each key storage solution is available in sizes of 50,100 or 200 hook systems, so that you have control to choose the key management system that suits your unique needs. Telkee key cabinets believes in providing a complete key storage solution, so all key suspension panels are supplied complete with all tags and numbering required to ensure your office key management system is well organised.


    Purchase your Telkee lockable key cabinet today and watch how you effectively reduce losses and control your resources better, resulting in a boost in the overall efficiency and smooth sailing of your company.

  • 5 Tips to Improve Work Productivity

    While it maybe winter, summer and the distractions that come along with it will be here before we know it. While staying productive during the winter months isn't too hard, with schools closing, the sun shining and nonstop daydreams of enjoying the beautiful outdoors, work productivity can take a severe beating during summer. How do you manage your workload in the most efficient manner with all the excitement that summer brings? Keep reading for 5 simple tips that will help you shine at work, while still enjoying the glorious summer weather when it finally arrives late this year!

    Work Productivity Tips

    #1 Take it Outside

    This is a great way to get through those long strategic planning meetings that are usually held in air conditioned meeting rooms! Take the meeting outside for some Vitamin D packed sunshine that has several health benefits if enjoyed safely! Apart from this, being in a different environment  is a great way to get the creativity flowing and have a positive brainstorming session instead of daydreaming while being stuck indoors.

    #2 Plan Ahead

    The office usually starts slowing down during the summer months as loads of people tend to take their vacation during these months. While you may feel like  slacking off  and letting your workload build, it’s the perfect time to research and  plan some great things to do in the next quarter. Schedule some time in with your manager to pitch your ideas, so that you can start the planning process early and avoid the stress of having to develop and execute ideas at the last minute.

    #3 Start Timeboxing

    Multitasking has proven to be overrated when it comes to productivity and time efficiency. While causing long lasting damage like decreasing the grey matter in your brain, it also results in poor quality work as your brain switches between tasks on surface level, without much thought going into your work.

    Singletasking or timeboxing is the way to go instead! Schedule your work in time brackets where you focus on one task for a set amount of time, followed by a scheduled break before you move onto the next task. Research has shown that practicing this allows your brain to focus completely on one task at a time, resulting in an increase in efficiency and quality of work.

    #4 Make Plans for your Children

    If you’re a parent, the summer months can be full of distractions since your kids will be off school. Arrange playdates, summer camp and other activities to keep them occupied, instead of bringing them to the office as this can be distracting for yourself, as well as your colleagues.

    #5 Have Some Fun

    Try to make your breaks fun, so that you don’t feel like you’re stuck indoors at work. Take a walk at lunch, grab a treat from the ice cream truck or anything else that will leave you feeling satisfied and energised. You’ll be surprised at how something simple like this can improve work productivity!

  • Purchasing Real Estate Management Key Storage Solutions

    Implementing a secure and organised key storage system is crucial for all real estate agents and property managers. Not only does this ensure properties are kept safe, but real estate lockable key cabinets also ensure the smooth access to these properties by a number of real estate agents. With so many different lock boxes available in the market, here are some key factors to consider when making your choice.

    How Reliable is the Key Cabinet?

    When choosing a lockable key cabinet, it’s important to consider the durability of the cabinet. Avoid purchasing a high maintenance product, instead opt for a weather resistant, strong framed cabinet such as Telkee key cabinets which are made with 1ml - 1.6 ml steel, are wall mounted and have a powdercoated finish making them a reliable choice.

    Also ensure that you purchase a product from an established company that provides a guarantee on all products and has credible reviews.

    Choose the Right Key Cabinet Locking Mechanism

    When choosing a key cabinet solution for your real estate company, it’s important to consider how secure the locking mechanism used for it is. You don’t want to purchase a low cost key rack that can be easily tampered resulting in key theft, instead consider either keyless entry for your lockable cabinet using a mechanical keypad or a tamper-proof secure cam lock. Telkee key cabinets provides customers the unique option of upgrading your locking system to a mechanical keypad lock along with a secondary manager override cam lock and a slam door for complete security and convenience.

    Can the Key Rack be Easily Expanded

    Ideally the lockable key storage system you choose should be able to meet the needs of your growing real estate business. As the number of properties you manage increases, the modular nature of Telkee key cabinets allows easy expansion by simply adding on new key panels to your existing key cabinet.

    Research Key Storage Solutions to Find the Best Option

    Ensure you receive the best pricing for your Australian lockable key cabinets by doing some research prior to making a purchase. Spend some time researching the available key cabinet models and compare it for price, along with the key features it provides.

  • Lockable Key Cabinets for School Key Storage Management

    Many schools use lockable storage cabinets for students to store their school books and personal items. Since these school lockers have lock mechanisms placed on the front to keep student’s possessions secure, it is important for school management to keep an extra set of keys for each locker in a safe place in case students forget their keys or access is required for security purposes. These extra keys can be kept secure and organised using lockable key cabinets which are widely available in Australia.

    Using Wall Mounted Key Management Solutions

    Since space is always an issue, consider opting for a wall mounted lockable key safe that’s sturdy and incorporates a sturdy locking mechanism. Telkee Key Cabinets has an extensive array of key cabinets that are suitable for both small, medium and large schools. The modular and flexible nature of the key cabinets allow them to hold anything from 35 to 550+ sets of keys and all key racks can be easily expanded to meet growing needs by simply purchasing additional key storage panels.

    Keeping the smallest things secure may seem like the hardest task, but with Telkee key storage solutions you can keep your organised and secured while ensuring teachers know where the keys are and minimum time is wasted searching for them.

    Lockable Key Cabinets for School Storage Key Storage Solutions

    The Telkee key cabinets have been carefully constructed with the right depth for each  hook to provide plenty of space to organise and sort through the numerous keys your school will need to store and the standard cam lock mechanism that each key cabinet comes with can be easily upgraded to keyless mechanical keypad entry with a slam latch door or several other secure locks.

    Using Key Tags for Organised Australian School Key Storage

     All Telkee lockable key cabinets are provided with high quality plastic numbered key tags. Once the numbered key tag is attached to the key, it can be be easily hung on the matching numbered hook for easy access at all times. Record which number belongs to which students and use the signature strips to create a key control chart which will allow immediate knowledge of who accessed each key ensuring the highest security.

    Extra  numbered key tags can be purchased separately from Telkee too, and you can also opt to order blank key tags or branded key tags with your school logo as well.

  • Indexing/Classification Systems for Key Management Solutions

    Keyed locks for all assets and sensitivity/high-value information is a necessity, and where the key will serve as a security token in order to access the contents locked within, where persons possessing the key will be able to gain access. Managing these keys falls on the duty/responsibility of security officers of your organisation and it helps to have key management solutions. A physical attack on your assets could be detrimental to the productivity and efficiency of your office or business, and in order to safeguard these assets as well as ensure the duty of care of these personnel, it's important to enforce all these security measures. With the aid of key management solutions in the form of a lockable key cabinet offered along with accessories and a choice of indexing management system.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Key Management Solutions Indexing System

    Indexing/classification system (often also known as filing systems), are policies and procedures that direct how a file (or in this case, a key), should be stored and recorded (with reference to its origin/use/etc) to facilitate their retrieval, usage and disposition. It makes looking up for items easier as the reference numbers/text/code will correspond to the particular key in question. Usually stored on a printed medium for easy lookup such as an index book or card, these indexing systems when used for key management allows for record keeping, records inventory, retention schedule and filing plan. When given the accessories that you need, you can customise them to fit your requirement. Often, the key cabinet accessories also include signature strips/receipt forms which can be hung on the hook of the dispatched key. This is most commonly seen in the outside world for valet systems; the same system applies.

    There are many types of indexing systems for keys; alpha-numeric/numeric-alphabetic and numeral systems. The most common would be the latter, however, it's been noted that alphanumeric indexing systems offer more means of referencing and making them unique. Essentially, it's a method of classifying items for storage and access by using letters and digits. Usually these codes differ depending on the application and use. Here is an example of alphanumerical indexing;

    System Coding File description
    A A A Master Key
    APL Architecture, Planning and Landscape
    1 Construction Informatics
    1 Admissions Cabinet
    2 Classroom
    2 Architecture
    1 Classroom
    HR Human Resources
    1 Department
    2 Offices
    1 Head of HR
    2 Deputy HR
    3 Manager
    4 Security Officer

    With concern to dispatching the Head of HR office key out of the lockable key cabinet, you will need to sign-out the key tagged "HR-2-1".

  • Office Organisation Tips Using Lockable Cabinets

    Are you looking for office organisation tips to put away items into lockable cabinets, These can anything from keys, miscellaneous office, digital media items such as DVDs, CDs, external hard drives, flash drives and backup devices, to physical office file boxes for documents and more? We have some tips.

    Telkee Lockable Cabinets Declutter your Office Organisation Tips

    First off, take some time to figure out what is needed and what isn't and can be put away in boxes and put into deep storage. Next, figure out what type of lockable cabinets you may need. Telkee Lockable Cabinets offers various types of models for your choosing along with accessories for better management.

    One of the first steps to organising your office would be to do the following;

    1. Clean out your Desk Drawers: Empty out your desk drawers and start separating items and put them in piles of what is necessary and what is unnecessary. Put away the unnecessary items into boxes or get rid of the items that are considered junk altogether.
    2. Declutter your Desktop/Office Surfaces: If you pile things onto your desktop or other surfaces in your office, repeat the process and separate the wanted items from the unwanted. Chances are you may have bulkier items.
    3. Manage your Files: Go through each of these files, documents, and other items in your filing cabinets (if you own one).  Make sure they are in the correct indexing order. If there are loose files, put them in the respective box files for filing

     Telkee Lockable Cabinet Models Locking Options

    Now that you have taken care to sift through the various items in your office, take your "necessary" or "wanted" pile and sift through these items. Separate the keys into one pile, files and documents in another and digital storage media into another, and lastly the miscellaneous objects into the last pile. If you have a few keys to work with, you may choose to purchase a Filing Suspension Panel that can be fitted into your existing filing cabinet. This would be the most economical option. However, you can also purchase a small key management secure cabinet solution. Make sure to utilise the accessories such as the hook labels, to the key tags and indexing book/cards and more provided with each purchase of a TelKee Lockable Cabinet.  For other items, such as digital storage media and miscellaneous objects, you can opt for TelKee Multiuse Cabinets where you can separate an adjustable shelf for each type of items you want to store. If you have box files, then assign a shelf for it. However if you have files you can either opt to store it in the multi-use cabinet, or into your existing filing cabinet (if you already have one).

    Stay tuned to TelKee's blog for more great office management tips!

  • Why Lockable Multi-Use Cabinets are Good Choice

    Let's face it, being organised is a key component of office management and having the tools to carry it out is crucial. That is why multi-use cabinets are great office assets to have. Whether you're looking to put away miscellaneous office items from your stationery, to important digital media items, or even file away documents and file boxes, they come in pretty handy at the office.  The latter two items may carry sensitive material and it's crucial to enforce the necessary security measures and it's in such a scenario that a lockable cabinet is most useful, especially if you can pick and choose the type of locking mechanism you prefer (that fits into your business environment and/or job responsibility).

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets Multi Use Cabinet Storage Solutions Office management

    There are many reasons why a multi-use cabinet is a good choice for your business (or home) office. One step to making sure that you have taken every precaution is by knowing the reasons at hand.  Let's get to the reasons why multi-use cabinets are a good choice for your business, shall we?

    1. Preventing Stolen Documents

    2. Protect Business Information

    3. Maintain Organisation Privacy

    4. Protect Client's Privacy

    5. Secure Personal Information

    You need to also take into account which type of cabinet fits your need - however, when there are adjustable shelf options and locking options available to your by your lockable cabinet solutions vendor, you're don't have to look far and wide. Though most important information are now circulated and stored (saved) virtually, there is a need for backups in the event that the virtual files are lost, and making sure you lock away your miscellaneous office objects be it as backup digital media storage media/ files or physical box files is important and a multi-use cabinet with locking and adjustable shelf features is the perfect place to start.

    TelKee Lockable Cabinets MultiUse Cabinets for Offices

    Making sure sensitive or valuable information is locked securely in your cabinet will prevent an intruder from having easy access to information that may have monetary or valuable information, whether it's the documents itself or what is found in its contents. A person or persons looking to steal the information for a sale later on may not be able to get to the items or perhaps even damage them in the attempt. Therefore, taking pre-emptive measures to secure your documents is vital to smooth running business!

    Sometimes, you may choose to lock away items of sentimental value as well as monetary value, to business information such as customer data, business processes, product designs of upcoming launches and more that would be a detriment to your business if it got into the wrong hands or in the hands of the competitor as you could lose market edge and lose out. Therefore, take heed of these reasons why properly securing your digital and physical documents, files and other miscellaneous objects of asset is important, and the way to do it with a with a lockable multiuse cabinet!

  • Efficient Key Management Systems

    Setting up an efficient key control system is a vital factor in ensuring your physical security system runs smoothly. When making a purchase decision for a key management and control system, choose lockable cabinets that offer options in terms of sizing, capacity, locking mechanisms, and the provision of accessories too.

    A good place to start with figuring out the what kind of key cabinet solution is needed, is by determining the problems that needs solving and finding out the types of solutions available, and which meets the necessary criteria. By following this problem solving process you are able to find the key control solution with features that you're looking for and addresses the challenges at hand.

    There are many industries and examples in which secure lockable cabinets can be used in practical applications. From offices of a small to medium  (or large) business, to government departments and administerial divisions, to the likes of institutes​​,  hospitals and care services and other establishments, the use of a key control system with assistance of a lockable key cabinet is often a good rule of thumb from a management standpoint.

    Here are some of the TelKee Lockable Cabinet models that are ideal for various features and uses.

    TelKee Lockable Key Management Solutions

    Industrial Key Cabinets

    MODEL 347 (347mm x 280mm x 80mm) 1mm steel Beige Grey
    35 Key Capacity NA T35
    60 Key Capacity T375 T376
    MODEL 530 (530mm x 330mm x 16mm) 1.2mm steel
    100 Key Capacity (1 panel) T378 T379
    175 Key Capacity (2 panels) T380 T381
    245 Key Capacity (3 panels) T382 T383
    530 Cabinet Only – No Tags or accessories T308 T309
    MODEL 686 Standard (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 1.6mm steel
    150 Key Capacity (1 panel) T388 T389
    250 Key Capacity (2 panels) T392 T393
    350 Key Capacity (3 panels) T394 T395
    450 Key Capacity (4 panels) T396 T397
    686 Cabinet Only – No Tags or Accessories T320 T321
    MODEL 686 Large (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 1.6mm steel
    150 Key Capacity (1 panel) T398A T398AG
    250 Key Capacity (2 panels) T398C T398CG
    350 Key Capacity (3 panels) T398E T398EG
    450 Key Capacity (4 panels) T398G T398EGG
    550 Key Capacity (5 panesl) T398H T398HG
    686L Cabinet Only – No Tags or Accessories T3930 T3930G

    Vehicle Key Cabinets

    Beige Grey
    C347 – 20 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1mm steel TC347B TC347G
    C530 – 80 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.2mm steel TC530B TC530G
    C686 – 100 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steel TC686B TC686G
    C686L – 150 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steel TC686LB TC686LG

    Adjustable Shelf Cabinets

    Beige Grey
    S530 – (530mm x 330mm x 165mm) 2 shelf, 1.2mm steel T401 T402
    S686 – (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steel T411 T412
    S686L – (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steel T421 T422

    Filing Cabinet Solutions - Suspension Key File Systems

    50 Hook System (2 panels + accessories) T200G50
    100 Hook System (4 panels + accessories) T200G100
    200 Hook System (8 panels + accessories) T200G200
    Panel ONLY T200G

    If you're looking for an automated tracking mechanism, opt for the keyless entry feature with a mechanical keypad that comes with a manager override on order to monitor who has accessed the key cabinet. Against this feature, it's advised that signature strips are used to be placed on the hook of the dispatched key with the name, date and time information.

    Other accessories offered include key tags to index cards/books for efficient lookup all available under the TelKee Key Management Accessories range.

    Telkee Accessories for Key Management Solutions Key Tags

  • Workplace Health and Safety Tips from TelKee Lockable Cabinets

    Workplace health and safety is serious business.  From the duties of an employer to the practises and policies pertaining to dealing with issues, workplace health and safety (WHS) laws denote necessary measures to be taken before, during and after incidents occur. TelKee Lockable Cabinets which offers  workplace health and safety lockable cabinets in order to ensure that employees and employees all alike are made aware of the various WHS laws deemed by your Australian state or territory.

    Workplace Health and Safety

    As an employer or a business, even as a Person Conducting Business or Undertaking (PCBU), they are obligated to follow the rules and regulations classified by not only WHS laws but also those of worker's compensation laws too. That is why each business owner should have themselves the necessary documents to refer to in order to be well-versed on the same. Buying a TelKee workplace health and safety cabinet is the perfect solution. Having it easily accessible at work to your employees/workers is very important, and ensuring that they are informed is one of the many duties an employer, business owner and PCBU holds under the Work Health and Safety Act.

    Apart from the duties and responsibilities, it is important that processes are reasonably practicable which essentially means that one must follow the most effective and possible means to ensuring health and safety of employees, workers and others. Another point to keep in mind is the management or control of the workplace where no risks occur to anyone entering and exiting the workplace.

    Return To Work Programs

    The employer, business owner or PCBU must ensure that a program to facilitate an injured  employee or worker returning to work after an injury that occurred at the workplace with a formal policy and procedures to aid their recovery and return to their normal working atmosphere without too much hassle.

    Due Diligence

    It is also said that assigning the responsibility to a particular employee (possibly with Human Resources Management experience) to manage the health and safety risks of a business.


    The TelKee Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet provides a centralised location to store all vital WHS manuals and information via a push-button lock with secure sign-in sign-out.

    • Weather Resistant
    • Durable 2mm thick rust resistant aluminum construction
    • Durable stainless steel, full length hinge for high use sites
    • Powder coated in neutral beige
    • Auto-latching door, when the door is closed, the cabinet is secure
    • Marine grade stainless steel push-button lock
    • Water resistant design for indoor/outdoor use

    Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet T500 model information is as follows;

    • Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet (weather resistant) 750x415x367mm, 2mm steel - T500


    Australia Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets Telkee WHS Solutions

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