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Your Office Secure Storage Cabinet

Keys, files, documents, CD, DVDs and other digital storage devices such as pen drives and external hard drives are extremely important to the continuity of a company and its intellectual and physical property. That's why is crucial that you invest in secure storage cabinets whether it's for filing, keys or multiple purposes. With the right storage cabinet, the proper security in place and not to mention the fitting accessories provided, you can definitely make your corporate life easier and more efficient by doing research on the best option in terms of secure storage cabinets and their accessories. Here's what TelKee Lockable Cabinets has to offer.

Key Management Solutions

Keys need to have their own place, proper labelling and above all a system to figure out who has removed it from its place. With the TelKee key storage cabinets, you can, because it offers a range of small, medium and large key management solutions that offers your key labelling via printed and branded key tag accessories, key hooks numbering and labelling, as well as signature strips for accountability. By default, the cabinets come as a key and lock option, but you may upgrade it to a mechanical key pad that has its own software so you can see for yourself who has accessed the cabinets to take out keys.

Filing Cabinet Solutions

With filing cabinets, you need to make optimum use of the space made available to you, that's why TelKee offers you an easy way to add your key management solutions to your existing filing cabinet via a suspension panel that is fitted with hooks and all the works you've get with a panel from a key cabinet.

TelKee Lockable Cabinets | Filing Cabinet Suspension Panel Solutions

Multi Use Cabinet Solutions

The option for a cabinet to store items that are not keys or files is a great need in any office. With these multi-use cabinet solutions that are available with adjustable shelves, it's easy to work your way around bulky items that previously didn't have a place of its own due to its size. Easily make room for such items but adjusting the shelves to fit the height of the object you need to store.

TelKee Lockable Cabinets | Multi Use Storage Cabinets | Workplace Health & Safety Cabinets Australia

Workplace Health & Safety Solutions

These cabinet solutions are ideal for storing documentation and files on Workplace Health & Safety that is essential at the likes of job sites that require it. Easily transportable, these are similar to the multi-use cabinets but specifically for the purpose of it being for the storage of these items. Make sure to get these secure reinforced workplace health and safety cabinets for use at commercial sites to follow regulation.

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