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Work Safety Tips to Secure Your Workplace

Making your workplace safe and secure is nothing something that can be accomplished overnight and not updated. Continuous improvements are required to ensure your work safety is not jeopardised at any point. This can range from the use of Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Cabinets for managing the duty of care and WHS requirements for work on-sites to conducting training sessions for employees to keep them aware of their surroundings and helping them recognise potential hazards. Even the smallest daily tasks, can make a huge difference when it comes to significantly reducing risk - keep reading for some great tips from Telkee Key Cabinets.


    1. Maintaining a clean work area is of paramount importance. This will reduce the risk of injury by letting employees clearly see potential hazards, which they would otherwise miss in a cluttered environment. Consider using high quality adjustable shelf cabinets or other office cabinet storage solutions to keep things neat and tidy at all times and provide a more productive work environment for your employees.

Telkee Australian Adjustable Shelf Cabinets
  1. Apart from ensuring machinery and materials are well positioned to ensure the smooth flow of production, it is important to provide clear work instructions to all employees. While conducting  thorough training is crucial, there should also be clear, written instructions placed in highly visible positions. Along with documenting work processes in this manner, aim to include basic safety instructions that each worker can read and acknowledge.

  2. Get your employees on board with work safety by asking them for their input on safety standards and regulations. No one can identify potential risks than those who actually carry out the tasks and create shortcuts. Follow their suggestions for ensuring the work areas remain safe at all times and also encourage employees to bring their safety concerns to management’s attention at all times. Once this has been done, it’s the management’s responsibility to act on these concerns and eliminate the risk, to win the trust of your employees.

  3. Safety guidelines are not something that should be created and then ignored. Revisit these documents every year as nothing stays the same in any workplace. As new machinery is purchased, employees changes and office spaces change, previous safety guidelines may not be applicable and will need to be modified to reflect the change.

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