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Why is Key Control and Security Important?

This may seem like a simple question enough to answer, but there are still a lot of business owners who don’t understand the importance of establishing a secure key management solution. While staying organised to save time locating your keys is an important  part of it, keeping your keys safe in a lockable key cabinet can also help save you money! Keep reading this Telkee blog post to find out how.

Reduced chances of loss and theft

Whether you’re running a car rental business or in the real estate management industry, keeping your keys secure plays a critical role in saving money wasted on replacing lost keys and reducing theft of your valuable possessions.

Use premium quality key racks and lockable key storage cabinets that are upgraded with locking mechanisms that reflect your business need. For instance, a car sales organisation will find it helpful to use a vehicle key cabinet that has larger hooks for key bunches. Upgrading the cabinet to include a slam lock door along with a mechanical keypad locking mechanism and a manager override lock will allow sales team members keyless entry at any time during the day, while a manager will be able to secure the cabinet at night to ensure no one has access to it.

Lower Insurance Costs

Lockable key cabinets will help you reduce your insurance costs in the long run, by reducing the risk of losing your valuable keys or having them stolen.

Especially when it comes to houses, someone you thought was a potential customer can take the car keys and come back to steal the vehicle at any time. This is extremely convenient since most vehicles have electronic door locks. With this in mind, it’s very important to use a durable key safe which should be placed in a location that’s not easily accessible to customers or other non-employees that are at your business.

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