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Why Does Your Construction Site Need a Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet?

Weather resistant, Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets are perfect for construction sites, as well as regular offices to keep all vital WHS manuals and information in a centralised secure location to avoid the risk of loss and being held liable  in event of a contractor accident. While you probably know this lockable cabinet will be an asset to your construction site, here’s a more in depth look at the Telkee WHS cabinet,it’s features and benefit.

Sturdy Construction and Ideal for the Outdoors

Telkee WHS Cabinet is available in a durable 2mm thick rust resistant Aluminium construction along with a full length stainless steel hinge that is built to last. The neutral Nurse Grey colour it comes in, allows the cabinet to blend well into its surroundings and it’s weather resistant design allows it to be used outdoors or indoors as well.

Secure Important Documents in this Secure Lockable Cabinet

All Workplace Health and Safety Cabinets are equipped with stainless steel Mechanical Keypads for keyless entry access to the safe. The cabinet also minimises the chance of error with a secure auto-latching door, which means the cabinet will be secure even if you forget to lock it.

How can the WHS Cabinet Help Your Business?

A lockable Telkee Workplace Health and Safety cabinet will Improve site safety with a secure weather resistant location for WHS materials. It also allows you to meet your duty of care with easy access to all up to date WHS documentation.

You can also reduce liability with documented work permits and work safety documentation that’s easily accesible in one single WHS/Contractor info location which increases efficiency too.

WHS Telkee Cabinet
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