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What You Need to Know about Lockable Cabinet Solutions

Lockable cabinet solutions can make for effective storage with due safety given to the contents and assets. Sometimes doubling up as a safe of sorts for multi-use or key management solutions, lockable cabinet solutions by TelKee Australia, are durable and reliable Australian-made products that are ideal for your office or business.

TelKee Lockable Office Business Solutions Key Management Office WHS Document Storage

There are many products that cater to various needs and uses, depending on the type of industry - a commercial or an automotive-centric business, or whether you're looking for specific solutions such as a key cabinet alone or you're looking for means to expand your options with your existing cabinets. Whether you're opting to purchase a key cabinet, a multi-use cabinet  (even a Workplace Health & Safety cabinet) or looking to expand your existing filing cabinet to accommodate key management, TelKee Lockable Cabinets can definitely help in that regard. Key cabinets are available across various size options (sizes small to large) and capacity ranges too, not to mention, the key cabinet solutions also come with expansion panels with hooks for increasing capacity to the maximum. If you already have filing cabinets, then you can use the filing cabinet key hook suspension panels, which is extremely convenient (especially when used in the real estate industry).

Vehicle key cabinets are similar to that of the standard key cabinet management solutions  mentioned above, however the design of the hook  panels and the system that it's stored is better equipped for motor vehicle keys (as they are usually larger than standard keys and require more space).

Cabinet Management Accessories

When it comes down to managing your cabinets and the contents within, especially when there are used to store and manage keys, it's always best to have a system and the right accessories to go with it. The TelKee Lockable Cabinet accessories which consist of items such as signature slips, key tags, index cards and so forth are ideal for just this.

Multi-use and WHS Cabinets

If you're looking to store various multipurpose items that require safeguarding, then the TelKee multi-use cabinets are ideal; they are also available as special workplace health and Safety cabinets too for the purpose of storing WHS related office items.

Find out more information on the various ways TelKee Lockable Cabinets can be of service to  your business by browsing through our catalogue and garner insight into various means of office management on our blog!

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