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What Makes You More Productive at Work?

There are plenty of articles talking about the importance of being more productive at work, but there are very few that address simple ways to increase your productivity. We took on the challenge and have compiled some quick and easy ways to improve your productivity without having to change too much!

Look at Tasks Differently!

What does this mean? Quite simply, it means out with the negativity and in with the positive! Instead of looking at the negative in every situation, teach yourself to accept tasks and rise to the challenge with a positive mindset. Instead of worrying about stress and the number of tasks on your plate, identify the reason you’re stressed and spend a few minutes developing a plan of action to work through the tasks.

Time Management is Key

Figure out what time management method works for you! There are plenty of different methods that have become popular when it comes to effectively managing your time, but they don’t always work for everyone. Spend some time researching different methods like splitting your day into chunks etc and then try out a few. If you try something that you like but it doesn’t completely work for you, instead of throwing in the towel find ways to tweak it to make it more suitable for your situation.

Turn on Some Good Tunes

Did you know that listening to music while working and studying increases your productivity, creativity and memory retention! Turn on some of your favourite songs after hooking up high-quality speakers to your PC if you’re working from home or invest in good headset to avoid disturbing others. If you’re super organised, set up specific playlists for different kinds of work and concentration levels.

Keep your Workspace Organised

Here’s something we all tend to struggle with! Avoid a buildup of clutter by making cleaning up your desk at the end of the day, so that you have a clean desk to start work at the next morning. By keeping clutter at a minimum, your mind will be able to process thoughts and be more productive while also helping you find documents quickly with minimum time wasted.

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