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Ways to Organise and Maintain Your Lockable Cabinets

A filing cabinet is usually an essential part of office furniture. Usually Filing cabinets are used to store files and documents. Most Filing cabinets come in different sizes. Depending on if whether you want the items stored secured or not, some cabinets have locks to prevent unauthorized access, while other cabinets are easy to transport and accessible by anyone. Businesses with large amounts of files, such as hospitals, law firms or schools, often maintain cabinets that cannot move easily. The thing that most don’t understand is that filing cabinets can be used to store much more than files and documents. We at Telkee can show you Ways to Organise and Maintain Your Lockable Cabinets so that you can store a lot more than that.

What Usually Happens

The main use of Filing Cabinets, as mentioned earlier is to store files and documents. There are multiple ways that you can store files or documents in a filing cabinet. This mostly has to do with the type of organization that you do inside the cabinet. One way is that you can store things alphabetically. Another one will be to number them. By doing this way you can easily notice if a file or document is missing. Colour coding is another way of organization but this method is not suitable for a selection of many diverse set of files. The advantage of going for Telkee Multi use Cabinets is that we have a number of various accessories such as colour coded tags that will make organizing your lockable cabinets a lot easier.

Multi Use Cabinets at Telkee

The efficient storage of general office equipment forms the basis of any well-organized business making Telkee Adjustable Shelf Cabinets the ideal office equipment addition. Lockable and with adjustable shelves, they are perfect for storing not just your typical files and documents but also small office necessities such as CD/disks, Training videos, OHS manuals, Medical and First Aid supplies, Photographic equipment and Cameras, and Office Mobile phones.

The Advantage of Telkee Adjustable Shelf Cabinets is that by moving and restructuring the interior of your cabinet you will be able to store different types of items in the same cabinets; Thus, making them very efficient storage units. Telkee also offers you a multitude of locking options, which includes Cam Locks, Combination Locks and also mechanical key pad locks. This allows you to be able to secure your resources as well control who has access to them.

With Telkee Multi Use Cabinets you can have your option to organize and maintain your lockable cabinets.

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