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Wall Mounted Key Cabinets

If you are business owner, and you need to safeguard your assets, what would you do? You would probably get yourself a safe. If you needed to safeguard keys, you should definitely invest in a lockable key cabinet, because let's face it, you can't store too much in a safe and it wouldn't be practical to keep opening a safe to put keys to your assets and such, right?

Telkee Small Key Management Solution Cabinet  347 Model 35 Key Cabinets Grey

The very keys that you are trying to secure could be keys of the establishment, in terms of a warehouse, difference offices, special areas in which requires extra security, or to manage and store types of spare keys to various rooms or even for vehicles and so forth. It's always a good idea to have one place that can keep all these items together with the assurance of it being safe. The perfect solution would be with wall mounted key cabinets!

These wall mounted key cabinets are reinforced to ensure the weight of the unit is sturdy when mounted onto the wall, with pre-drilled holes, and fastening hardware used to secure it in place. With all that in place, you can go about ensuring security to your business by using the secure key cabinet to its full potential.

These beige or gray powder coat finish cabinets come in varying sizes to fit your requirement whether you are a small business or a large scale enterprise! Depending on your growing business, you can forecast the sizing and capacity that you will be required for key management, and accordingly purchase and install it in the relevant location of your choice. These wall-mounted key cabinets are secured by various types of locks from the standard cam lock, to keyless entry via mechanical keypads that also come fitted with manager override features.

These wall mounted key cabinets are available in two distinct models, one being the standard for normal keys, whilst the other for vehicle keys which are bulky. In the case of it being used for usage at the likes of a car dealership, vehicle rentals, vehicle yard or car park, this would be ideal, as the vehicular model accounts for the bulkiness of the key or key chain and provides enough room to accommodate the keys and its neighbours, along with the necessary accessories for key management all together! The number of key hooks available depends on your requirement, with expansion panels available to accommodate up to 550 keys.

Find the right choice of wall mounted key cabinets with Telkee Lockable Cabinets, today!

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