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Wall Mounted Key Cabinets Uses at Hospitals/Aged Care Institutions

Hospital, and various institutions in the medical and care sector have numerous needs for keys. They could be to open doors to various building, rooms, offices, or even to access lockers, medical cabinets and much more. In such cases wall mounted key cabinets are a god-sent. Making sure these keys are safe, organised and managed properly is very important in ensuring that operations run smoothly.

Telkee Medium Key Cabinet Australia 530 Model 245 Keys Grey I_T383

Key cabinets offer you the convenience of having a designated place to safeguard the keys to assets, valuable items, medical and volatile items & substances, and so forth. They are made available to you because there is a dire need, where without such means, you will end up with disarray. These key cabinets allows an appointed person who is responsible for the keys stored to be able to withdraw, deposit or account for the keys for proper management. Along with the key cabinets, you get printed key tags to hang the relevant keys according to the number included in the slot with the hook for the corresponding key. Other items that are made available with the purchase of a key cabinet would be the likes of signature strips to account for the person who withdrew the key for better accountability and follow-up.

The thing about these key cabinets is that they come equipped with locking mechanisms, making them secure key cabinets. They are available as both free-standing and wall mounted options, but with the secure key cabinets being wall mounted allows for better security, as a thief would not be able to simply take off with the cabinets itself, despite their high weight and size. In the case of securing the wall mounted key cabinets; you are offered the standard cam lock by default, but may opt to upgrade to bi-locks, 3-digit combo locks and also mechanical keypads which is more suitable when more than one person is accountable, responsible and have access to the contents of the wall mounted key cabinets.

With the right accessories, and safely mounting your secure key cabinets you can be rest assured that the items and assets you want to secure will be, provided you manage and maintain them with what is made available to you. These wall mounted key cabinets can be placed in hospitals and medical institutions at the likes of the administration office, nurses stations per ward, and the custodians offices to name a few locations. Choose which model is best suited for your, in terms of sizing, capacity and expandability.

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