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Vehicle Yards Key Management Solutions

When it comes to managing access, nothing will come even close to the level of workload that you will have to deal with when managing keys to vehicles at a vehicle yard. With transportation facilities taking more and more significance in an increasingly competitive corporate world, who better manages their transportation resources can hold the edge in day to day activities. Due to this efficient key management at your vehicle yards becomes essential. Telkee offers you some valuable vehicle yards key management solutions to achieve just this.

Location is Everything

The difference with vehicle yards, when compared with other places that require key management is that sometimes they can be housed in very remote locations. This can be quite a common situation when it comes to corporations that give services such as telecommunications, power or even transportation itself. And also, the common problem that goes hand in hand with such situations is the fact that it requires at least a single person to stay at that specific location to manage the keys, if and when the need for a vehicle from that specific vehicle yard arises. Telkee offers perfect Vehicle Yards Key Management Solutions for these kinds of situations with Telkee Vehicle key cabinets.

Telkee Vehicle Key Cabinet

Any sort of company or establishment that has to deal with a lot of vehicle keys will be greatly better off by using Telkee Vehicle key cabinet. By using a Telkee Vehicle key cabinet you will be easily able to organize as well as control the numerous keys very easily and effectively. The kind of Vehicle Yards Key Management Solutions options that Telkee Vehicle key cabinets give you, you will be able to use a keyless mechanical keypad lock as well as a manager override for extra security. These sort of choices will give you the kind of strong security measures that you need when managing keys at even a very remote vehicle yard. By having a keyless mechanical keypad lock you will be able to assure security of even an unmanned vehicle yard. This is the sort of flexible Vehicle Yards Key Management Solutions offered by Telkee Vehicle Key Cabinets.

You Own Choice

Telkee Vehicle Key Cabinets come in 4 sizes so you will be able to choose the exact type of cabinet that need be it as a business solution for a small company fleet of cars or for a car sales yard or security car parks. Telkee Vehicle Key Cabinets offer you with different colours as well as with all sorts of accessories that will make for a complete Vehicle Yards Key Management Solution.

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