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Using Accessories to Your Secure Key Cabinets Efficiently

Securing your information, assets, and various valuables is important to any business or office. That’s why you need the likes of lockable key cabinets and other secure cabinets for this very reason. However, not many people know what it entails to efficiently use your secure key cabinets to accord to the right management practices and various other policies. If you have the right accessories, you can make sure that responsibilities and management practices fall into place.

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Small Key Management Solutions Australia Telkee 530 Model 175 Key Hooks With Mechanical Keypad Lock Beige I_T382

Numbered/Stamped Key Tags in Varying Colours and Shapes: With varying colours and shapes being used for your key tags, as well as it being stamped with numbers, you are able to properly maintain a log of the keys being used for which purposes, the location on the key cabinet hooks, and as well as when issuing the keys for usage.

Perforated Sheets, Numbered or Blank: These sheets allows you to number/name the hooks according to the relevant key and its tag. This way you can keep the keys organised and allows for proper maintenance.

Expansion Panels for Key Hooks For Wall Mounted Secure Cabinets and Suspension Panels for Filing Cabinets: You might require this accessory when the capacity of your secure key cabinet has been reached. In terms of the filing cabinet suspension hook panels, you can simply add this to accommodate key storage and management without the need to buy a new secure key cabinet.

Index Cards: Alpha Cards, Alpha Books, and Numeric Cards: This allows you to manage your keys and locations by indexing the key to the hook number and maintaining a proper record of it in the card or book, either alphabetically or numerically ordered.

Signature Strip: What a signature strip does is allows for proper key management, where the/a signed signature strip is placed back in the location of the key that was accessed/taken/removed from the key hook. This allows you to maintain proper management of who has withdrawn the key and is using them when it is not in the secure key cabinet.

These are accessories that you will require when taking measures to maintain proper management of your keys, and the secure cabinet and accounting for your information and assets, and so forth. Utilise your secure key cabinets effectively and efficiently with the help of these accessories, especially on offer by Telkee Lockable Cabinets for proper office management and convenience.

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