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Tips to Increase Productivity at Work

Given the limited number of hours in a workday, being efficient with time management is crucial. One way to do so is to work smarter as opposed to worker more hours. The only factor that requires merit is the need for more deliberation with your time management. Here are some tips on how to increase productivity at work by working smarter!

  1. Track and limit the time spent on tasks: Become an expert in gauging time to be spent on certain tasks with the help of the Rescue Time app.
  2. Take breaks regularly: Whilst some will contest this, taking scheduled breaks will allow your brain to jumpstart it’s concentration levels. It’s been said that a person’s concentration starts to wane after 45 minutes on the same task.
  3. Set manageable self-imposed deadlines: Setting deadlines especially to open-ended projects can greatly affect the focus and productivity as you are watching the clock.
  4. The “Two-Minute” rule: A rule penned by Entrepreneur Steve Olenski, it involves making the most of small time windows to get tasks done, especially if they can be completed within 2 minutes or less.
  5. Saying no to meetings: Meetings can often eat up a lot of your time. Choose to have them over other mediums such as chat, phone, or a web-based meeting platform. As long as you are getting the same goals/tasks completed, your physical presence should not be a necessity. If a physical meeting IS required, consider having a standing meeting as it has shown to drive engagement and performance.
  6. End multitasking: Many would assume that multitasking actually gets a lot done, but experts say it could very well be the opposite. Focusing on one goal can help finish it faster than scattering it in various projects.
  7. Utilise commute time: If you are indeed commuting and you’re able to utilise your phone, take that time to read and respond emails, create your daily plan or even brainstorm ideas.
  8. Minimising Interruptions: Setting office hours, closing the door and or even working from home during critical projects is a good way to ensure your productivity soars and you get tasks done.
  9. Set an appealing environment: Sometimes having something to look at can be inspiring, even the wall colour helps. That is why most offices attempt to incorporate blue in their colour palette as it is found that it drives productivity.
  10. Turn off notifications: Something that relates to minimising interruptions, often putting your ringer on silent or disabling text/social media notifications can greatly help in focusing on the tasks at hand.
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