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Things about Your Security Cabinets that you need to Know

When you are considering the purchase of your security cabinets, first you should know exactly what its purpose will be. Will be it to hold your documents and small to medium sized office assets that need safekeeping, and maybe even your keys? What other accessories will you need along with this security cabinet, an also how will this purchase of a security cabinet help you do your job better. These are all things you might be considering, and they are all important questions and justified as well. To clear up any thing you should know about security cabinets, we've taken the liberty to give you some pointers on what to consider and to look for.

 TelKee Lockable Cabinets Australia | Telkee 686 / 150 Beige Key Cabinet Large


The purpose of a security cabinet is pretty self explanatory. It's about making sure that the contents you choose to put inside it will be secure. Whether it's your important documents to keys and other small to medium sized objects, every item should have its place, be it in a filing cabinet, a storage cabinet or a secure key cabinet.


The point to a secure cabinet is for security and therefore the structure of the cabinet needs to be of a certain standard to comply with those requirements.  Made out of 1ml - 1.6ml steel with a baked enamel finish in colours of beige and gray to match most interiors aesthetically, they should be wall mountable and built sturdy enough to withstand the weight.


In terms of security, apart from the fact that they are made solid and sturdy, your cabinets should be lockable. These lockable security cabinets can either be locked with a key or even a keyless access control method such as with a mechanical keypad and tracking software that comes with it for easy accountability. In a manual locking mechanism, you will need accessories such as signature strips to make sure you can hold personnel accountable if items go missing, especially in the case of keys.

 TelKee Lockable Cabinets Australia | Security Upgrade to Mechanical Key pad


Each and every company will grow with time, so make sure to account for expansion. In the case that you can't foresee how soon or big your company will grow, and what sort of expansion capacities you will need, especially in the case of key cabinets, then opt for key management solutions that already have easy means for it, such as with key hook expansion panels that can be simply fitted into the key cabinet of your choice and size.

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