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Telkee Model 347 Vs Telkee 530 Key Cabinet

Telkee Key Cabinets is Australia’s number one choice for premium quality, affordable key management systems.  All Telkee lockable cabinets come with a 5 year warranty, have a 100% guarantee  and are shipped across Australia which ensures you’re making a safe choice by sticking with Telkee, however with so many models how do you choose? Here’s a closer look at two of our best selling key cabinets, with more info on their similarities and differences.

Telkee Model 347 Key Cabinet

The Telkee Model 347 Key Cabinet is ideal for a business looking to implement a small  or medium sized key management system as key cabinets in this range can hold 35 or 60 keys each. The setup of the key cabinet is ideal for building, industrial, commercial, mining, government and office use, as the Telkee 347 security cabinets can be easily wall mounted if floor space is a problem and includes the standard safety cam lock.

You can choose to order the cabinet alone or as a bundle with two sets of keys, numbered plastic key tags and perforated number sheets for the key hooks to organise your keys efficiently. The 347 key cabinet can also be upgraded to the 3-digit combo lock or any other Telkee lock mechanisms either by us when you purchase your key cabinet or purchase the locking mechanism separately from us and have any locksmith make the switch for you.

Telkee 530 Key Cabinet

Similar to the Telkee Model 347 cabinet, the heavy duty Telkee 530 key cabinets are wall mountable, constructed with all steel components and have a powdercoated finish. Available in a choice of either beige or grey, this lockable cabinet is suitable for medium to large businesses in a range of industries and can hold between 100 - 245 keys. The modular nature of Telkee key cabinets means that it can be easily upgraded by adding on extra key panels to increase the number of key hooks as your business need increases.

While the basic 530 key cabinet comes equipped with the standard cam lock, the 530 model can be upgraded to include a slam lock door with a mechanical keypad for keyless entry or any other locking mechanism available on our website.

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