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TelKee Lockable Cabinet Solutions with a Key Filing System

Every office needs a system or a way of managing the assets that form an important part of everyday work. Keys are important and essential office items that are required to access assets that require safeguarding. As part of TelKee’s lockable cabinet solutions a key filing system is also provided via the accessories that accompany each purchase. A key filing system provides many advantages, one such benefit would be security whilst another could be facilitating and maintaining a personnel’s duty of care.

A key filing system starts with the products at hand – the keys. One of the first things you need to do is categorise the keys according to types – are they office keys, building keys, or vehicle keys? Depending on the type of keys they are and the size (vehicle keys have bulk heads and require more space), you will need to separate them accordingly. Now the housing unit which is the lockable key cabinet solution offered by TelKee Lockable Cabinets is the best place to start.

With the offer of two types of cabinets, residential/commercial and vehicular, you can either separate the variety of keys into two cabinets especially if you have a significant amount of one set of keys. However, if one key type is lesser in number then you can choose to assign one panel with hooks to accommodate those keys. For example, the TelKee Lockable Cabinets comes with panels that can be fitted to accommodate more capacity, and in this instance you are able to dedicate one such panel for the likes of bulky/long vehicular keys by alternating the positions of the hooks thus using the other panels for normal keys without the need to alternate as each hook accommodates an average sized office key.

Each cabinet comes with a slot for a label above each hook. These can be either numbered numerically or alphanumerically depending on your preference with the use of the perforated blank or printed sheets that comes with a TelKee Lockable Cabinets package. Other accessories that comes with the key cabinet solutions include signature strips to signify a sign-out receipt that is placed on the hook of the despatched key, index cards and books to note which corresponding hook is for which key and what it opens, to numbered or blank colour-coded key tags, key rings, and more.

These accessories that complement the main solution being the cabinet facilitate a key filing system with ease, and in the case responsibility of having access to the key cabinet falls on one person (with him/her being given the key) or a set of personnel (where with the help of a mechanical locking system complete with a logging software application giving access to it) you have more means of maintaining and managing your keys whilst securing them within.

TelKee Lockable Cabinets Key Filing Systems

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