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TelKee Key Control and Management Systems

In the market for key control and management systems? Have you had a chance to gleam through the options made available through TelKee Lockable Cabinets? With various models spanning from the business size/capacity to use, you are able to make an informed decisions when it comes to protecting your keys and other assets. 

We've highlighted a few of the TelKee Cabinets available for purchase on lone or through the distribution network in order for you to make an informed purchasing decision. The following includes some choice models from the TelKee Lockable Cabinets range. All key cabinets include Removable panels (based on capacity ordered), Numbered key tags, Alpha and Numerical Indexing Systems, Signature Strips for Key ‘Check-out’, and Perforated Numbers for slotting in behind hook.

MODEL 347 (347mm x 280mm x 80mm) 1mm steel Beige Grey
35 Key Capacity NA T35
60 Key Capacity T375 T376
MODEL 530 (530mm x 330mm x 16mm) 1.2mm steel
100 Key Capacity (1 panel) T378 T379
175 Key Capacity (2 panels) T380 T381
245 Key Capacity (3 panels) T382 T383
530 Cabinet Only - No Tags or accessories T308 T309
MODEL 686 Standard (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 1.6mm steel
150 Key Capacity (1 panel) T388 T389
250 Key Capacity (2 panels) T392 T393
350 Key Capacity (3 panels) T394 T395
450 Key Capacity (4 panels) T396 T397
686 Cabinet Only - No Tags or Accessories T320 T321
MODEL 686 Large (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 1.6mm steel
150 Key Capacity (1 panel) T398A T398AG
250 Key Capacity (2 panels) T398C T398CG
350 Key Capacity (3 panels) T398E T398EG
450 Key Capacity (4 panels) T398G T398EGG
550 Key Capacity (5 panesl) T398H T398HG
686L Cabinet Only - No Tags or Accessories T3930 T3930G


TelKee Lockable Cabinets Models
Suspension Files

  • Tighter control over the key inventory
  • Suitable for use in any standard filing cabinet drawers
50 Hook System (2 panels + accessories) T200G50
100 Hook System (4 panels + accessories) T200G100
200 Hook System (8 panels + accessories) T200G200
Panel ONLY T200G


 TelKee Lockable Cabinets Suspension Files
Vehicle CabinetsAll Vehicle Cabinets include:

  • Mechanical Key Pay and Manage Override lock
  • Reusable Vehicle Key Tags and Split Rings
  • One-use Vehicle Stickers

Removable Cabinet Panels (based on capacity ordered)

Beige Grey
C347 - 20 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1mm steel TC347B TC347G
C530 - 80 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.2mm steel TC530B TC530G
C686 - 100 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steel TC686B TC686G
C686L - 150 Vehicle Key Cabinet, 1.6mm steel TC686LB TC686LG



Advertising Key Tags:

  • Custom printed
  • 8 colours
  • Minimum 250
  • Numbering available
  • 32 x 80mm
Key Tags:

  • Blank or numbered
  • Available in Round: Blue or Green
  • Square: Red or Yellow


Beige Grey
Panel Only for 530 cabinet (70 hooks) T317 T318
Panel only for 686 cabinet (100 hooks) T340 T341


 Telkee Lockable Cabinet Accessories
Multi-Use Adjustable Key Cabinets 

  • Secure lockable cabinets with 2 or 3 adjustable shelves
  • Wall mountable to reduce space
  • Ideal for medical supplies, OHS manuals and small safety equipment


Beige Grey
S530 - (530mm x 330mm x 165mm) 2 shelf, 1.2mm steel T401 T402
S686 - (686mm x 330mm x 191mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steel T411 T412
S686L - (686mm x 330mm x 260mm) 3 shelf, 1.6mm steel T421 T422


 TelKee Multi-Use Adjustable Key Cabinets
Workplace Health & Safety (weather resistant)TelKee’s weather resistant Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet provides a centralised location to store all vital WHS manuals and information via a push-button lock with secure sign-in sign-out.

  • Durable 2mm thick rust resistant aluminum construction
  • Powder coated in neutral beige
  • Auto-latching door, when the door is closed, the cabinet is secure
  • Marine grade stainless steel push-button lock
  • Water resistant design for indoor/outdoor use
Workplace Health & Safety Cabinet (weather resistant) 750x415x367mm, 2mm steel T500




 TelKee Workplace Health & Safety (weather resistant)
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