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Security Cabinets

As a company specialising in ensuring that your assets and important information is kept safe via the use of security cabinets, secure key cabinets and more, TelKee Lockable Cabinets is committed to offering you quality and secure products for your requirements. Apart from security cabinets, you may also purchase the likes of adjustable shelving for key cabinets, vehicle cabinets, workplace health & safety cabinets, suspension key panels for filing cabinets, printed key tags and other various key management accessories.

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Each of the security cabinets made available by TelKee Lockable Cabinets comes with a standard cam lock which is supplied with 2 keys. You are also offered a 3-digit combo lock as an upgrade feature which comes with a three digit changeable combination that works the same way that a cam lock would, where you will not require batteries, maintenance and is quite ideal for all your security cabinets. Another upgrade feature would be the keyless entry system via a mechanical keypad which can also come with a manager override feature should you require it.

When it comes to the vehicle security cabinets, it caters to a different type of requirement that you might not see in an office environment as you will be dealing with keys with a bulky head (usually the case with vehicle keys that require more room). In such cases, the vehicular models of security cabinets by TelKee Lockable Cabinets are ideal. These include the likes of models TelKee 347C/20, 530C/80 and 686C/100 that are available in both beige and gray.  The 530C/80 model also includes car yard stickers, vehicle key tags, a mechanical keypad entry system as well as two expansion panels for more capacity than the deemed height of the security cabinet. The 347C/20 comes in beige with car yard stickers, a mechanical keypad locking system and key tags.

Accessories that aid in the management of keys when using TelKee products include the likes of printed key tags that are available in various colours such as black, red, yellow, green, blue, orange and white where the numbers and lettering is printed in gold and silver. In order for your keys to be identifiable, perforated number sheets are available to slide into the hook labels. You may also opt for blank sheets to name/number them as you please. Other accessories include a long life battery pack, audit software, alpha cards and signature strips too.

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