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Security Cabinets

Security is an essential requirement when it comes to running and managing an office, whether it's physical security with guards, the security of your physical documents and keys, to cyber security as well. No matter whether we are in the 21st century, we have physical assets that rely on the likes of documentation and keys for proof and access. These can be anything from deeds and bonds, to rooms, safes and much more. This is why security cabinets are a must in any organisation, big or small.

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There are many things that you might want to consider when browsing to purchase a security cabinet. The most important feature would be safekeeping, and so, in which capacity your security cabinet safeguards your contents, that is, with a key or keyless entry. According to your specific need, a security cabinet should be able to provide you with the intended level of security and also a backup plan. In the case of a keyless entry system such as that with a mechanical keypad, opting for a manager override feature with a physical lock would be advisable. However, in case you are using a key to get into the security cabinet, make sure that the master key is also kept in a master key secure cabinet so that everything is accounted for. Having said that, security cabinets can be classified as multi use cabinets as well as key cabinets, whereby each type serves a different purpose.

Apart from the choice of locking mechanism and security features in place, you also need to consider that documents will be well-protected if the security will be used for multipurpose cabinets. Telkee's Lockable Cabinets are weather resistant, therefore you are assured that the content will be safe, and with it being water resistant, you are also assured of its durability in the long run. You can easily store items such as deeds, bonds, insurance, and other similar documents with peace of mind.

In terms of quality, each security cabinet is manufactured with durable 2mm thick rust proof aluminium, and is resistant for indoor as well as outdoor use. The locks are made out of marine grade stainless steel which would be ideal for high use sites. Adding to all these great features is powder coated beige and gray paint options that blend well into any interior design choice, so that it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb against your interior aesthetic.

With all these great features in place, with Telkee you are assured of one thing when you choose our security cabinets, and that is reliability when it comes to protection, quality and design.

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