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Securing your Wall Mounted Key Cabinets

Wall mounting your key cabinets can provide you with so many advantages be it with space in your office or building as well as organisation and ensuring that you need not worry about the cabinet itself being moved around. These wall mounted key cabinets are sturdily fixed to the wall via the pre-drilled fixing holes at the back of the cabinet.  Apart from safely securing the key cabinet to the wall, there are also ways in which you can secure the contents within. Let's look at how you can secure your wall mounted key cabinets with the help of access control systems via locks and keys, as well as keyless entry methods.

Telkee Key Cabinets Australia 686 Model Cabinet Only Beige I_T320

These key cabinets, also known as key cupboards in different parts of the world, are used to safeguard keys ranging from house keys, office and building keys, as well as keys for vehicles. The needs for each type of key in terms of security as well as storage are usually different, whether you are looking at residential key cabinets or commercial/industrial key cabinets. There are number of models which are made available in the market of which two stand out the most as one type caters to keys that fit to residential and commercial doors and are quite small in size, and then there are the keys to vehicles which are considerably bigger and bulkier, therefore needing more space for safekeeping inside these key cabinet.

Your choices for securing your wall mounted key cabinets include the use of cam locks, bi-locks, 3-digit combo locks, and mechanical key pads with and without manager override features as keyless entry options. The standard locking option that comes with the lockable cabinet would be the cam lock which is supplied with two keys. The bi-lock cam lock works on a 12 tumbler system with a quick release barrel for re-keying. The 3-digit combo lock uses the standard cam lock mechanism and allows 3 changeable combinations, and is the least expensive form of keyless entry available for all Telkee wall mountable key cabinets. In terms of other keyless entry mechanisms available, these include the mechanical keypad with and without the manager override feature that is available with a cam lock feature. The keypad allows for 4 or 6 digit changeable combinations and is available with all models except for the 347/35 hooks model.

To find out more on how you can secure your Telkee wall mounted key cabinets, read up on the locking options available here - Telkee Locking Options.

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