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Secure Storage Cabinet

Security is a must in this day and age. Whether it's physical, cyber or intellectual, you need to make sure that you take the necessary precautions to ensure that your assets and intellectual property is safe and guarded. One way to do that is by ensuring you keep things under lock & key, be it in a room or safely away in a cabinet. But where would you keep those keys? Have you considered a secure storage cabinet to ensure that physical intellectual property as well as keys to assets would be safeguarded? It would be a great idea, in fact.

 TelKee Secure Lockable Cabinet Family Australia

There are many types of secure storage cabinets for you to choose from when you looking for reliable storage solutions in Australia. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers you a range of cabinets that serves all these purposes and caters to commercial and industrial sectors be it real estate, transport, government offices, hospitals, and more. If you are wondering what the advantages of owning and using a secure storage cabinet by TelKee are, they include the following.

  • Save Money via efficiency and effectiveness with reduced time searching for items when they are placed in cabinets that are denoted and labelled accordingly.
  • Reduce Risk of Theft with the inbuilt locking mechanism and sturdy exterior of the secure storage cabinets. Locking mechanism include keyed and keyless entry.
  • Meet your "Duty of Care" by ensuring that you work efficiently and effectively due to the convenience & practicality it brings
  • Minimize Insurance Exposure by avoiding the risk of theft and ensuring your assets are well protected.
  • Enhance Inventory Control by not only having a designated place for your assets and keys to property, both physical and intellectual, but ensuring that you label and account for them by means of the accessories provided or the logging software available for the mechanical keypad entry secure storage cabinets, you can definitely be on top of things.

 TelKee Secure Key and Storage Cabinet Solutions Australia

The range of models and accessories available through TelKee include key cabinets, expansion panels for key cabinets, suspension files for storing keys in existing filing cabinets, vehicle cabinets that allow for longer or bulkier keys, multi-use adjustable key cabinets with adjustable shelves, Workplace Health & Safety key cabinets that are also weather resistant making them ideal for storing WHS documentation at work sites, and accessories such as key tags (blank, numbered, printed and advertising) and locking options that include the likes of 3 Digit locks and mechanical keypads.

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