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Secure Office Storage Cabinet Solutions

Your office, no matter what the size may be, may have different requirements in terms of organisation and management. In turn, it will require the appropriate means and measures of office storage solutions. Telkee Lockable Cabinets offers you a range of products that can cater to these requirements, in terms of key storage, file storage and as well as other assets and items that might need safekeeping. Let’s look at the different solutions Telkee Lockable Cabinets has to offer.

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Small Key Management Solutions Australia Telkee 530 Model  245  Key Hooks With Mechanical Keypad Lock Beige

Secure Lockable Key Cabinets

These key lockable secure cabinets are handy for several reasons. They come in different sizes to fit your organisation or office size, as well as the capacity, depending on your key storage requirements. Expansions are possible using panels that can be fitted into the secure cabinets and they can be locked away using different means of security, whether it’s a key lock or even a keyless entry solution. The variety of secure lockable key cabinets available at Telkee includes the likes of the below mentioned:

  • Small Key Cabinet Solutions: Stores up to 60 keys, in colours gray and beige, with standard or mechanical lock
  • Medium Key Cabinet Solutions: Stores up to 250 keys, in colours gray and beige, with standard or mechanical lock, and are available in capacity sizing of 100 hooks, 175 hooks, and 245 hooks.
  • Large Key Cabinet Solutions: Stores over 250 keys, in colours gray and beige, with standard or mechanical lock, capacity wise you are offered key storage from 150 hooks to 550 hooks.

Filing Cabinet Solutions

Files and other such stationery need to be filed away, but if you have space in your filing cabinet for other items, such as keys, the Telkee Suspension File Key Storage solutions lets you slot in key hook panels into your existing filing cabinet in an easy manner. Each of these hanging panels can hold up to 25 keys and is supplied with tags and numbering systems for a complete installation of key storage facility into an existing filing solution.

Secure Multi-Use Cabinets

Ideal for general office equipment storage, these secure multi-use cabinets can be used for any form of good business practices whether you are storing confidential documents, to assets and valuable items and much more. As they come with adjustable shelving, you can fit in whatever item you require storage for within the means, such as CD/disks, manuals and such documents, medical and first aid supplies and more.

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