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Secure Lockable Cabinets by Telkee

With over 50 years experience in Australia, Telkee Lockable Cabinets are renowned for their key management solutions. Shipping to any corner of the Land Down Under, with swift and efficient services of any key management solution, big or small, you are assured of reliability and quality when it comes to secure lockable cabinets, whether it's for storage of keys or any other assets that might require safeguarding.

TelKee Lockable Cabinets | Secure Lockable Cabinets | Multi Purpose and Key Cabinet Solutions

The secure lockable cabinets can be used for many uses, be it for personal use, commercial or even industrial needs and scenarios. Whether you need it for your personal home office, office department, or even a job site, these secure and lockable cabinets are ideal. Not only can you store the likes of keys (both building and vehicles), but also other small to medium sized items such as files, folders, books, CD/DVD cases and much more depending on the size of the cabinet capacity you have chosen.

Ranging from small to large, these secure cabinets are available as a standard model, as well as a vehicle model in terms of key management storage solutions, whilst, there are also multipurpose cabinets, along with expansion panels for keys for swing type models as well as suspension panels for existing filing cabinets for your convenience. These secure lockable cabinets are ideal across various industries be it for real estate, government offices, schools and universities, hospitals and aged card institutions, and even car parks and vehicle fleet businesses.

Telkee Lockable Cabinets are available with a range of accessories to aid in the management and organisation of your business assets, such as with printed key tags and a number system (via perforated numbered sheets), index cards, signature strips and much more. The cabinets are made out of 1ml-1.6ml aluminium sheets, are sturdy, rust and weather proof. Powder coated in beige and gray, they complement the interior design of offices easily and are also scratch resistant.

Find which model suits your need by perusing the Telkee Lockable Cabinet products!

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