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Secure Key Cabinets

You may have many requirements when looking for secure key cabinets. Whatever your need may be, be it a high security key management solution, an expansion friendly key storage solution, or a systematic means of issuing and tracking keys being stored in these secure key cabinets, Telkee Lockable Cabinets has a solution for your fits all your needs.

TelKee Lockable Cabinets Telkee 530 / 100 Key Hooks Beige Secure Key Cabinets Australia

There's a great need for security and accountability in today's world, with the need to lock up and secure assets, whether it's your home, office or a continually expanding company. There are numerous amounts of keys that are stored and logged, in order to prevent unauthorised access without the proper channels of communication or authority. In such cases, you will require secure key cabinets, to store these keys, assure accountability and also prevent unauthorised access. This article will explain to you how you can use the likes of Telkee Lockable Cabinets and its range of models, as well as how using the accessories can further a systematic issuing and tracking procedure so that all keys are accountable at all times.

Models and Locking Measures for Key Cabinets

There are number of models of secure key cabinets made available by Telkee Lockable Cabinets that span across small, medium and large sized solutions depending on the scale of your requirement and industry.  These solutions are secured with locking mechanisms of the key and keyless variety. They include Cam Locks that are supplied with 2 keys, Bi-Lock Cam Lock, Spare Bi-Lock Key, 3-Digit Combo Locks, a Mechanical Key Pad for keyless entry, as well as a Mechanical Key Pad with Manager Override Lock.

Depending on your requirement, these locking mechanisms have been fitted to ensure that within the scope of your requirement, the necessary means of security has been provided. Along with that, these models are made with expansion in mind, whereby panels can be added to facilitate your growing expansions. Also, in cases where you already own filing cabinets, there are suspension panels with hook systems that can be installed into them for your convenience and ease.

Issuing and Tracking Procedures using Accessories for Secure Key Cabinets

With the right accessories to facilitate your secure key cabinet functions, you can easily enable an issuing and tracking procedure that's reliable and furthers accountability. With the use of index cards that catalogue the use of each key and purpose, as well as signature strips to be placed on each key hook once a key has been issued, it can definitely facilitate proper issuing and tracking measures and further key management with secure storage.

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