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Secure Key Cabinet Solutions

Security and safeguarding our assets is now a norm, but how well you do it can be somewhat daunting. There are many ways in which you can safeguard precious items and data, and one way is with secure key cabinet solutions, filing cabinets and other multi purpose cabinet solutions.

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Small Key Management Solutions Australia Telkee 530 Model  245  Key Hooks With Mechanical Keypad Lock Gray

No matter how you attempt to lock things away in the likes of filing cabinets, multi purpose cabinets, in safes, behind locked doors, where do those keys go? You will need a safe place to store those very keys and lock them away for safeguarding as well, right? That is why the likes of secure key cabinet solutions are available with a variety of options that comes with different types of locking mechanisms, as well as expansions systems. The are brought to you along with proper accessories and stationery for organisation control is made available to you by the likes of Telkee Lockable Cabinets.

The secure lockable key cabinets come in three major sizes (small, medium and large) and each of these sizes has the ability to carry a significant capacity of keys, and with the expansion panels on offer, you may opt to store more items too.

The Small Secure Key Management Solutions

This variety of secure Telkee lockable key cabinets would be ideal for a small office, with storage starting from 35 hooks up to 60 hooks with expansion panels. The item itself can be wall mounted, is hardy and available with the standard or even a mechanical keypad. If you already have pull out metal cabinets, you can also opt to use the suspnesion files which allows you to hang up to 50 keys on its in-built hooks that can be labelled as well.

The Medium Secure Key Management Solutions

This type of cabinet allows you to hold 100 key hooks, 174 key hooks and also 245 key hooks depending on your need. It comes with the accessories that you might need to organise your key cabinet efficiently such as key tags, hook numbers, index cards, as well as disposable sign out tags. You can opt to wall mount the cabinet and comes with several locking options as well.

The Large Secure Key Management Solutions

This option of secure key cabinet allows you to store up to 550 keys with all the accessories made available to you, for your convenience and better management. With expansion panels and the likes of various locking mechanisms including a mechanical keypad that allows for keyless entry, this type of solution by Telkee would be ideal for a large office, organisation, or even a building.

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