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Secure Key Cabinet Management Solutions

If you are on the lookout for some affordable, secure key cabinets that can store up 550 keys, then Telkee Lockable Cabinets can answer your calling! Across a range of options whether your secure key cabinet management solution is to be used in an office or in the likes of a car dealership (catering to the automotive industry), there are models of lockable key cabinets that can ensure your needs are taken care of in terms of security, accountability & identification!

Telkee Lockable Key Cabinet Australia 347 Model 60 Keys Beige Mech Key Pad I_T375M

The goal and objective of these secure key cabinets is to aid your duty of care, in the task of deterring opportunities of possible theft as well as in the management of assets such as keys for offices, building, and the likes or even vehicles. These key management solutions range comes with standard hook & leaf panel models, suspension hook & leaf panel models, as well as shelf models depending on preferences.

The advantages of these secure key cabinets are many, and with the likes reducing the possibility of your assets being stolen, minimising insurance exposure, facilitating and improving inventory control, and the money saved in ensuring misplaced keys do  not need replacing are just some of them!

The features these secure key cabinet management solutions offer includes being able to store and secure general keys or even vehicle keys (where offset hooks are in place for easy management of larger keys), the offer of various security mechanism in terms of key and keyless entry with manager override options, as well as durability with the help of reinforced exterior and corners.

However, these secure key cabinets also come with accessories to aid in the process of accountability and identification, such as printed key tags. Available in an array of colours ranging from green, red, blue, yellow, orange and white, the printed labelling comes in green, red, gold and silver in order for it to stand out in contrast to the plastic of the tags. Apart from the key tags that accompany the Telkee Lockable Cabinets, you are also supplied with Telkee perforated number sheets, either blank or numbered up to your requirement, which can be placed alongside the hook leaf of the panel. Furthermore, you are also offered other stationery items such as index cards & signature strips for accountability of keys, a long-life battery pack, audit software as well as a wide range of other number sheets too.

With Telkee Lockable Cabinet's secure key cabinet management solutions, you can't go wrong. Find out how facilitate better management and ways to prevent theft by browsing through the various models on offer today!

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