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Secure Key and Storage Management for Real Estate Offices

Everyone needs a place to live and real estate offices are there to help you make sure you have a roof over your head, whether you are renting or becoming homeowners. They have a lot of information that needs safeguarding, whether it is the properties and their keys, to the data and files on each rental or house on sale. That is where secure storage cabinets come in handy, whether it’s for key storage, or for filing away important data and files that need proper security.

A real estate office usually has teams of agents that handle their properties and have a system in which a certain property is assigned to one team or agent. However, in terms of managing the assets and items related to the property, it is up to the office to make sure that proper means are taken as your clientele depends on you and your assurances. That is why secure key cabinets and lockable filing cabinets come in handy in order for real estate and property management offices to stay on top of things.

With the right solution, you are assured that the management practices of your office falls into place. If there is a proper and secure place for each relevant item, and you also place in factors for accountability, then you are golden. With the right accessories to accompany the secure key storage cabinets and the right security measures whether it’s a key lock or a keyless entry locking mechanism such as a mechanical keypad, you are assured of that. With the accessories you are given, you can make sure all the keys to your rentals and houses for sale are accounted for with the proper numbering, naming and tagging systems in place, with the use of alpha index cards or even numerical index cards. For those who have removed the keys from the key hooks of the secure key cabinets, you can leave behind a signature strip with the details of the personnel who logged it out in order to maintain responsibility of the properties being maintained and so forth. With the likes of these accessories and management practices, your real estate office will operate smoothly and you will have nothing to worry about.

If you already have filing cabinets and you would rather hold the keys to specific properties with the relevant files, you can put to use filing cabinet key suspensions panels, which can hold a limited amount of keys per hook depending on your requirement. Therefore, when you open the filing cabinet drawer, you can refer to the information and data on the real estate properly as well as the key that goes with it.

These are just things you can factor in to make your office life easier in terms of administration, with proper security measure in place. Put secure key cabinets and the likes of suspension panels for filing cabinets into use in your real estate office and get the best out of it.

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