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Secure Cabinets as Key Management Solutions

Acquiring a secure cabinet to help you maintain your keys is a recommended step towards effective key management. With TelKee Lockable Cabinets, your key management solutions come with locking mechanisms that you can upgrade (if the standard cam lock isn’t preferred) and not to mention with various accessories and means of expansion to fit your requirements.

Telkee Lockable Key Cabinets Australia

TelKee’s key management solution is simple. The secure key cabinets are made of 1.6ml steel and treated to make it weatherproof, making it ideal for outdoor sites and uses.  It’s available in baked enamel finish of either beige and gray being the standard interior design colours offices tend to lean towards, these cabinets are also wall mountable. As the models available for purchase ranges between small to extra large, there are certain factors that comes into play when you purchase a lockable secure cabinet such as being able to expand the capacity with the use of panels that can be fitted into the cabinet allowing for more key storage.

These cabinets will greatly help you with your key management requirements as they are sturdy and built well. Therefore, when you do mount them to a wall; you should also ensure that the wall is sturdy enough to handle the weight. This is also the case when you plan on using them on constructions sites or placing them outdoors.

It’s also important that you utilise all the key management accessories made available to you to make your life easier. These range from the signature strips, indexing cards/book, perforated labels that are either blank or numbered, and not to mention key tags (that are available as blank, numbered and even branded with advertising of your choice).  The signature strips are a means of accountability/responsibility, where a signature strip will be placed on the hook with a check out signature when the key is removed from its hook location along with the hook number, the date and who it was issued by. Either the index cards and books, which can be alphabetical or numeric, will help with maintaining the keys with their relevant hook number/placement. It is important that these are not left in the key cabinet.

By picking out the ideal choice of accessories to go with the key cabinet as well as putting in effect a reliable key management and access control policy for your office with accountable personnel, you are looking at a well-rounded key management solution that is effective and affordable. Don’t forget to also consider locking options. The mechanical keypad upgrade for TelKee Lockable Cabinets also has the ability to record whoever accesses the cabinet by taking note of the access code and date/time stamp.

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