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Quick Tips for Setting up a Workstation at Home

Whether you run a business out of your home or you work for an organisation that offers flex hours with working from home as an option, setting up a designated workstation is important! When setting up a home office there are three areas you should take into consideration to ensure it is seamlessly integrated into your home.

Ensure Proper Circulation

Your work from home station should be positioned in an area that does not affect the movement of other residents and is away from the hustle and bustle of the house activity. Thebest area to set it up would be in locations that are least used by the other occupants such as under the stairs, right beside the foyer if the house has one, or old cabinets can be redone to form part of the furniture of the homework station.

Special Consideration

If the workstation juts out of a preferred wall, it definitely reduces the effectiveness of an area, so aim to keep it contained to a specific area of your house. It must be adequate in size. If the homework station extends beyond a preferred wall or space, it loses its value because it will disrupt the effectiveness of the area. When choosing your furniture as well, make sure the lockable cabinets, storage shelves etc all fit neatly within the area to prevent having to move around a lot, which will improve work productivity.

Choosing the Right Fixtures

Your workstation will need to have a table and matching chair, multi-use cabinet for storage, magnetic whiteboard along with a key cabinet if you deal with numerous keys. Make sure you take the size of your office into consideration when making these purchases as leaving things jutting out, will make things messy and affect the flow of the rest of the house too.

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