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Putting Wall Mounted Key Cabinets & Accessories to Good Use

You probably are in need of a solution to your key management needs, whether it's to safeguard them or merely store them away in one location for your convenience. With wall mounted key cabinets, you can do all that and much more. Really! It's hassle-free, efficient and you are given the option of models which cater to standard keys as well as bigger or bulk variety of keys as those used for vehicles.

TelKee Lockable Cabinet Key Management Solutions Australia Accessories

When it comes to wall mounted cabinets, we all know how useful they are. They offer means of storage by making space available on walls to use! In the case of lockable cabinets, you may use them for storing multiple items, from books, CDs/DVDs and other such items, and with the likes of wall mounted key cabinets, you can store your keys belonging to various assets be it in the office, or in your building or establishment.

With lockable key cabinets, you are given a variety of locking options whereby the standard cam lock is what is available by default with keyless mechanical keypad with or without the manager override feature made available to you as an upgrade. The wall mounted key cabinets can be categorised according to the type of keys being included, standard or vehicular, or the sizing and capacity which you require. Ranging from small to large, with the minimum capacity at 35 keys and key hooks to a maximum capacity of 550, with the aid of expansion panels, you are assured that your keys are safe & organised, especially with the accessories that comes with each purchase.

These accessories include printed key tags that are numbered, with numbering tags for each corresponding key hook, signature strips for the accountability for keys that were checked out of the key cabinet, index books/cards and much more.

Assembly of these wall mounted key cabinets is quite easy as they come with pre-drilled holes on the back of each cabinet. Once you drill holes into the wall and insert sturdy anchor screws, you can fix the key cabinet to them and hold it in place. After that, you are ready to use it for your day-to-day functions, by placing the keys that need safeguarding and storage according to your own organising system, with colour printed tags and perforated number sheets to be used in each key hook slot for the corresponding key. If you are opting for a mechanical keypad for keyless entry into the wall mounted key cabinet, you have an added benefit as it one less key you have to worry about.

Take all these factors into consideration, when making a purchase of a wall-mounted key cabinet!

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