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Physical Key Management Solutions

Your keys could very well be everything to you. You need it to get into your home, car, personal belonging and much more. This is the very same in the business world, as there are so many valuable assets that need safeguarding, therefore key management solutions have become a necessity across almost every industry, from health care to education, motor, real estate and much more.

TelKee Key Cabinet Solutions Australia | Telkee 686/350 Grey

When it comes to selecting physical key management solutions such as utilising secure key cabinets, there are several things to consider no matter which the industry sector. Let's look at the features of a secure key cabinet for physical key management that should be considered during the selection process.

1. Determine the Requirements

By this, we mean to say is to identify the need for key management solutions, and why the current solution, if there is one, isnt feasible or effective. Accordingly, you need to find a solution that offers you security and storage measures that is better than what is already present. Telkee Lockable Cabinets are ideal, because they offer both means of security and storage of all physical keys that you might need for an establishment, in varying sizes depending on how small or large your organisation is.

Telkee offers secure physical key management cabinets that have 1ml to 1.6ml steel enclosures with a baked enamel finish to match office interiors. The security option in terms of locking mechanism can either be with a tumbler type lock or keyless entry via a mechanical keypad. The sizing and capacity of the cabinets are dependent on how many key hooks are needed and the sizing of the key bundles, as there models which facilitate normal keys as well as keys to vehicles which are bulkier. Therefore to sum it up, your requirements should be noted in terms of how to improve on the current solution based on efficiency and effectiveness, type of organisation in terms of size, locking mechanism, and capacity of hooks in each secure key cabinet.

2. Organise the Physical Key Management Solution

Once you have figured out the requirements and found a fitting solution, you need to ensure you have the right management practices and measures in place to ensure that everything runs smoothly and you avoid misplacement of keys and loss of assets in the process. With the right accessories, such as index cards for proper naming and signature strips to ensure accountability, you can get on the right path for proper physical key management.

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