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Offices and Uses for Lockable Cabinets

You can never shy away from storing things if you work in an office. Be it a government office, a private institution or even a site overseeing office of a real estate management firm; you will always have something to store and secure at the premises. Sometimes the misplacement of valuable resources without any record of who was using it can lead to a bad profit-loss account at the end of the year. No matter what kind of office you work at you can find plenty of uses for Telkee Lockable cabinets.

Efficient Key Management

The most secure way to protect your resources is by efficient key management. And this is exactly what you get by using Telkee Lockable Cabinets. Keeping the keys of your workplaces sorted and at your fingertips has never been this easy.

Telkee Lockable Cabinets come in many varied sizes with models ranging from 35 hooks up to the largest cabinet at 550 hook capacities; so you can easily select one that will suit your needs best. You may be needing some for school offices, hospital offices, government department offices, apartment complex or even for an office of your own company; the right kind of Cabinet will work perfectly for your key management requirements. All Telkee Lockable Cabinets are made of durable steel and can be wall mounted for space efficiency as well as easy access. By choosing the right colour it can blend in to the decorative scheme of the place where you install it, Be it locker room, janitor’s closet or security office.

Plenty of Features for You

TelKee Lockable Cabinets also offer you the choice of file key storage units that can easily fit into your existing normal filing cabinets. These work exactly as storing a normal suspension file in your cabinet. You can slot one in and completely forego the requirement of needing a separate cabinet for storing keys. While each panel hold up to 25 key hooks, complete systems of 50, 100 and 200 hooks are available depending on your need. These kinds of storing solutions are what make TelKee Lockable Cabinets such a versatile option for your workspace.

You have to keep in mind though that your Key management system would not be complete unless you have the right kind of accessories to go with you cabinet. TelKee Lockable Cabinets offers you with a wide range of cabinet accessories to achieve this goal. From key tags to signature strips to combination locks; TelKee Lockable Cabinets has all the things that you will need to make your key management system whole.

A disorderly and disorganized office can result in the wastage of valuable resources and ultimately affect the final balance sheet of your company in a very negative way. But by investing in an efficient key management system using TelKee Lockable Cabinets you can be certain that you will be avoid such situations.

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