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Office Organisation Tips Using Lockable Cabinets

Are you looking for office organisation tips to put away items into lockable cabinets, These can anything from keys, miscellaneous office, digital media items such as DVDs, CDs, external hard drives, flash drives and backup devices, to physical office file boxes for documents and more? We have some tips.

Telkee Lockable Cabinets Declutter your Office Organisation Tips

First off, take some time to figure out what is needed and what isn't and can be put away in boxes and put into deep storage. Next, figure out what type of lockable cabinets you may need. Telkee Lockable Cabinets offers various types of models for your choosing along with accessories for better management.

One of the first steps to organising your office would be to do the following;

  1. Clean out your Desk Drawers: Empty out your desk drawers and start separating items and put them in piles of what is necessary and what is unnecessary. Put away the unnecessary items into boxes or get rid of the items that are considered junk altogether.
  2. Declutter your Desktop/Office Surfaces: If you pile things onto your desktop or other surfaces in your office, repeat the process and separate the wanted items from the unwanted. Chances are you may have bulkier items.
  3. Manage your Files: Go through each of these files, documents, and other items in your filing cabinets (if you own one).  Make sure they are in the correct indexing order. If there are loose files, put them in the respective box files for filing

 Telkee Lockable Cabinet Models Locking Options

Now that you have taken care to sift through the various items in your office, take your "necessary" or "wanted" pile and sift through these items. Separate the keys into one pile, files and documents in another and digital storage media into another, and lastly the miscellaneous objects into the last pile. If you have a few keys to work with, you may choose to purchase a Filing Suspension Panel that can be fitted into your existing filing cabinet. This would be the most economical option. However, you can also purchase a small key management secure cabinet solution. Make sure to utilise the accessories such as the hook labels, to the key tags and indexing book/cards and more provided with each purchase of a TelKee Lockable Cabinet.  For other items, such as digital storage media and miscellaneous objects, you can opt for TelKee Multiuse Cabinets where you can separate an adjustable shelf for each type of items you want to store. If you have box files, then assign a shelf for it. However if you have files you can either opt to store it in the multi-use cabinet, or into your existing filing cabinet (if you already have one).

Stay tuned to TelKee's blog for more great office management tips!

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