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Office Management and Maintenance Tips

It's always a good practice to be aware of management and maintenance tips, because you never know when they become handy, and not to mention that it would be extremely convenient if you used these tips to management your storage solutions such as with multi-use, filing or key cabinets, a process for your office work, and so forth.

Here are some tips for you to become an authority as an office organiser.

File Organising - Create a filing system depending on the type of file as well as alphabetise them or number them accordingly and designate drawers for those files. If you are working for a real estate company, it may help to keep deeds in one drawer and use a key hook suspension panel (available at TelKee Lockable Cabinets) to store the corresponding master keys for each property.

Clutter Control - There's organised chaos and then there's clutter. It helps to put away things to avoid losing items in the mess, therefore take time either at the end of the day or week to sift through clutter and put them away in their designated places and throw away the unnecessary items.

Wiki Portal - Have an online portal that include one location where you can access processes, policies, and important data. Similarly, in case of a technical breakdown, it helps to have one location that has all these information in a lockable multiuse cabinet such as a Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet (also available at TelKee Lockable Cabinets).

Tracking Multiple Versions of Documentation - When there are revisions to a document and it's important that you have a record of each revision, make it so that the most recent revisions are on the top of the file with it being numbered accordingly, such as V10, V09, V08 and so forth.

Record Retention Guidelines - Make sure you can decide on what to keep and what to throw. Depending on this you can easily free up clutter, especially if you have a habit of piling things off your desktop into your desk drawer(s). Clean out your drawer by keeping what you need in bento trays like organisers in your drawer itself and put/file away other items to their designated locations.

Desktop Station - Clutter free by putting items away either in filing cabinets, drawers or multiuse cabinets so that though things are put away, they have been labelled or you know exactly where they are if you need them. Often if you have a designated place for an item or a various types of items, it helps to label off that shelf space for that specific item. Make it a rule of thumbs to only keep essentials on your desktop such as your computer, phone and other critical items.

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