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Multi-Use Lockable Cabinetry

Order and organization are two of the most essential things in an office environment. Without order or organization the efficiency of the workplace usually takes a nosedive and lack of efficiency usually means an operating loss at the end of the year. So many establishments tend to put in some serious thought into organization in their offices. There are several different ways to go about organizing the things in your office but usually the most tried and tested method is the way to go most cases. In the case of organizing, the best in the business is cabinets. And we are here to tell you that we at Telkee offers the best multi-use lockable cabinetry out there to get your office in prime condition.

Multi-Use For Your Specific Needs

We at Telkee believe that efficient storage of general office equipment forms the basis of any well-organized business. This is why we kept it in mind when we went about designing Telkee multi-use lockable cabinetry. This is the reason we believe that Telkee Adjustable Shelf Cabinets would be the ideal office equipment addition. Telkee Multi-Use Lockable Cabinetry comes with adjustable shelves, they are perfect for storing small office necessities such as CD/disks, Training videos, OHS manuals, Medical and First Aid supplies, Photographic equipment and Cameras, and Office Mobile phones. The adjustable shelves make the cabinets very versatile and they come in various different sizes to accommodate whatever you wish to store in it. Telkee Multi-Use Lockable Cabinetry comes in beige and grey colours to match your d├ęcor.

Safety is Paramount

No matter how organized your office equipment is, if they are not secured enough all of the rest will be of no avail. This is why we at Telkee were mindful of the fact and decided on adopting a range of security measures for our lockable cabinets. Telkee offers a variety of locking options when it comes to office equipment organization solutions. Starting from the standard cam lock that offers two keys, Telkee also gives you the Bi-lock cam lock that gives you the better of two locking solutions. You can also purchase a spare Bi-lock key as per you requirement if you want give more people access to your equipment.

For a more stable an on location locking solution, Telkee offers you the 3 digit combination lock. This assures you that the access to your equipment will be contained to only the people with the knowledge of the combination and it also gives you the freedom to change the combination, and thus access, at your discretion, at any time you see fit. But if you want to go a bit more high-tech Telkee gives you the option of having a mechanical key pad in order to lock your cabinet.

With solutions such as these Telkee Multi-use lockable cabinets can boast that it can give your office the best organization solution out there.

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