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Multi-Use Cabinets

I am sure that you would agree that the most important things in a work/ office environment are order and organization. If you lack order or organization the productivity of the office is greatly reduced and loss of productivity usually spells bad news for the end year balance sheet. Lots of organizations tend to put a lot of effort into the organization of their workplaces. If you want to organize office resources, the best out there are cabinets. And we are can tell you that we at Telkee offer the best multi-use lockable cabinets out there to get your workplace in the best orderly condition.

For Your Special Needs

At Telkee we have a firm belief that well-organized storage of general office apparatus lays the foundation of any disciplined business. This was our main objective when we go about making Telkee multi-use lockable cabinets. This is the main fact we believe that Telkee Adjustable Shelf Cabinets would be the best inclusion office equipment. Telkee Multi-Use Lockable Cabinets comes with adjustable shelves, which are ideal for storing small office necessities such as CD/disks, Training videos, OHS manuals, Medical and First Aid supplies, Photographic equipment and Cameras, and Office Mobile phones. The adjustable shelves make the cabinets very flexible and they come in many diverse dimensions to house whatever you wish to store in it. Telkee Multi-Use Lockable Cabinetry comes in beige and grey colours to match your decoration scheme.

Where Safety matters

Okay, let’s say that you got all your office resouces well and nicely organized, but if they aren’t secure all that organization will be moot if someone snatches away all of that. We at Telkee, knowledgeable of the point, thought of implementing a series of security methods for our multi-use lockable cabinets. Telkee gives a assortment of locking choices when it comes to our multi-use lockable cabinets. Starting from the standard cam lock that offers two keys, Telkee also gives you the Bi-lock cam lock that gives you the better of two locking solutions. You can also purchase a spare Bi-lock key as per you need if you want give more people admission to your resources.

If you are looking for an even secure locking solution for your multi-use lockable cabinets, Telkee gives you the 3 digit combination lock. This guarantees you that the access to your equipment will be limited to only the people with the knowledge of the combination and it also gives you the flexibility to change the combination at any time, and from that admission, at your preferenceas you see fit. But if you want to go a bit more high-tech Telkee gives you the option of having a mechanical key pad in order to lock your cabinet.

With such secure and versatile storing solutions such as out multi-use lockable cabinets your workplace will be the perfect resource management location.

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