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Multi Purpose Cabinets

Keeping your office organised is instrumental for efficiency, as well as keeping in line with the 5S concepts of productivity. With multi-purpose cabinets you can make sure that you securely store various items that are necessary for the smoothing running of your operations.  These metal cabinets can offer so many conveniences especially with its adjustable shelving options, and different sizes and models that allows for growth and expansion.

These lockable cabinets with adjustable shelves is provided by Telkee Lockable Cabinets and is perfect for storing small office necessities, whether they are files and stationery, to digital media items such as CDs and DVDs, to manuals, OHS documents, medical and first aid supplies, and much more. There are many models of multi-purpose cabinets to choose from as follows, in two distinct colours of grey and beige.

Telkee Adjustable Shelf Multi Purpose Cabinets S530: This model, which comes in grey and beige, is perfect for a small or large office, depending on your storage needs. It's supplied with 2 adjustable shelves for your convenience to facilitate the storage of items of different heights. This cabinet measures at 530mmH x 330mmW x 165mmD.

Telkee Adjustable Shelf Multi Purpose Cabinets S686: Slightly larger than the S530 model, also available in grey and beige, this cabinet model is ideal for effective office management. Available with 3 adjustable shelves, it measures at 686mmH x 330mmW x 191mmD.

Telkee Adjustable Shelf Multi Purpose Cabinets S686L: A little larger than the S686 model, the S686L is ideal to store certain items that are large in size due to the extra width allowed. This multipurpose cabinet which comes in either grey or beige can also be wall mounted thus not taking up much of your floor space. Available with 3 adjustable shelves, it measures at 686mmH x 330mmW x 260mmD.

Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet: A special type of multipurpose cabinet, especially for the storage of workplace health and safety documents and items, this cabinet is secured by a push button lock with secure sign-in and sign-out.

Telkee Workplace Health and Safety Cabinet Multi Use Cabinet

All of Telkee's multipurpose cabinets have been constructed with 2mm thick weather and rust resistant aluminium, and powder coated in neutral shades of grey and beige to conform to office interiors. It's also water resistant for indoor as well as outdoor use. Furthermore, it comes with a marine grade push button lock mechanism with an auto-latching door. There is an option of including a durable stainless steel lull length hinge for high use sites too.

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