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Miscellaneous Accessories for Lockable Key Cabinets

Protecting your assets is vital, especially when you utilise key management solutions such as that of a lockable key cabinet, it is important that proper protocol and organisation be upheld along with ensuring that these assets are also safeguarded. For this, you will require miscellaneous accessories such as locks, expansions, and even accessories.

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Medium Key Management Solutions Australia Telkee 686 Model  250 Key Hooks Beige

Locks for Lockable Cabinets

When it comes to locks and the organisation you work with, they requirements and the preferences for locks will vary, depending on the use of the lockable key cabinet or even filing and storage cabinet that possess or you will purchase in the future. There is a variety of locking mechanisms available in the market and industry, from the standard locks, bi-locks, 30 digit combo locks, and mechanical keypads.

  • Mechanical Keypad – A key-less locking mechanism, using a mechanical keypad with using a number of possibilities as the access code, thus offering increased security with keyless entry.
  • 3-Digit Combo Locks- A key-less locking mechanism offers a 3-digit sequence access code for entry with rotating discs to ensure that the right combination offers entry.
  • Bi-Locks – The bi lock is a cylindrical lock with trigger pin for increased security and is said to be bump proof, pick resistant and drill resistant.
  • Standard Lock – This type of lock is what is most common in the market, and is supplied with two duplicate keys in case the original key is lost or misplaced.

Expansions for Key Cabinet Solutions

Sometimes the key cabinet solution you purchased, or even the filing cabinet, may not be sufficient for your growing requirements. Therefore, it is always a good idea to look into expansion accessories for your lockable cabinet solution. When it comes to key storage and management, the likes of Key Cabinet Panels as well as Key Cabinet Suspension Panels can come in handy.

Management Accessories for Lockable Key Cabinets

Apart from the hardware involved in these lockable cabinets, you will need accessories to ensure that everything is managed properly. These include the likes of colour and shape coded key tags for the keys itself being stored, with extra accessories such as deluxe split rings. Now, when it comes to accessories to be used for the hardware, you could use the likes of  numbered and black perforated sheets, alpha index card books, numeric index and alpha cards, and even signature strips.

All these items and accessories go into a good key management and storage solution with the use of lockable key and filing cabinets.

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