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Metal Storage Cabinets and Solutions in Australia

Looking for home or office storage solutions to keep your important document folders, miscellaneous items and keys? Metal storage cabinets are ideal choices for this requirement. A lockable storage cabinet with various choices of locking options and functionalities to choose from can be extremely beneficial to a home or business.

Metal Storage Cabinets TelKee

This home or office metal furniture can either be large or small depending on capacity, preference and/or number of users as well as maintaining a record of who has access to it. If you have one person who is responsible for managing or maintaining the items within, then a lock and key metal storage cabinet will be ideal, whereas if you have a number of people who require access to the same contents, then a mechanical keypad lock would be ideal. For example, a car dealership will require a vehicle key cabinet with access to the 7 salesmen on payroll for test drive purposes.

There are many types of lockable storage cabinets and they basically range depending on their use or purpose; key cabinets (commercial/residential and vehicle/bulky keys), multi use cabinets (miscellaneous office/valuable items) as a safe, and filing cabinet accessories.

However, if you already own lockable filing cabinets but would like to use a system to manage your keys and documents  (this is a benefit to real estate offices and even car dealerships), you can use filing cabinet accessories to help you. With suspension panels for filing cabinets with key hooks in place you can store keys to your assets along with their deeds and documents as per category,  type or area. For instance, you may have 20 properties in the Paramatta, New South Wales area and 18 priorities in Silverwater, you may need one drawer dedicated to them with two TelKee key suspension panels that also act as separators for the respective properties. The same goes for a car dealership with vehicles under a various make.

Depending on your office storage requirement, you may find that you may find one or more of the TelKee products and accessories useful in maintaining order with regards to your office (or home). If you are constructing your home or office and require these metal lockable cabinets to be recessed into walls, then make arrangements to do so. If you are setting it up in a home, the lock and key cabinets will be ideal and can be hidden behind a picture frame too.

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