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Managing your Keys with Wall Mounted Key Cabinets

Everyone knows that our keys help keep our assets and valuables safe. To keep those keys safe, we rely on the likes of wall mounted secure key cabinets, and appoint people responsible for them to ensure that they are always accounted for and available when you need them.  Whether it's for a home or a facility that requires a certain level of security, these wall-mounted key cabinets can be placed anywhere, whether it's at a security post, an administration office, or any place that you see fit.

Telkee 686L 550 Keys Grey with Mechanical Key Pad  I_T398HGM

There should be a balance between security and convenience, from the building/office/assets being reinforced with proper security to the convenience placed on the person responsible for the keys to these various assets, regardless of whether it is physical or informational. You will need a simple yet effective key control and management system to ensure that the likes of cross-keying and the use of many selective keys are forgone and you do not end up with a complicated system that will dissolve what you are hoping to achieve, i.e., key management and control with security and convenience.

By selecting the right model of wall-mounted key cabinets made available to you, whether it's for a home, small-medium businesses, or a large enterprise, as well as choosing the right choice of security locking mechanisms from key to keyless entry, the benefits will be many. To accompany the right choice of physical security for the keys, you need accessories and a system to complement it further, aiding convenience for the person responsible. This can be done with the accessories that come with the key cabinets, such as alphanumerical index cards/books, signature strips and name tags. But if you wanted to take it a step further, and develop your own system for efficiency and effectiveness, then you can.

Figure out a key system structure. This can either be according to the building, department or job function. Remember to separate the master keys and have them separate from the day-to-day keys. If you are utilising various keys for core areas, such as the physical building, opt to further organise them according to the type of area, such as for electricity, piping, mechanical rooms, or even office, labs, janitorial, etcetera.

The use of symbols in the name tags so that you can easily figure out which it belongs to without having to browse the index card or book to double-check. For example, if you have many departments, than carry that forward too with your name tags specifying which area it belongs to, such as abbreviations such as 'MKT' for marketing, 'DIS' for distribution, and so forth. By adding such a system to your wall-mounted key cabinet, you will find yourself with a beneficial product that aids you with the security of your assets as well as efficiency on your part.

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