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Make Life Easy with Lockable Key Cabinets

There are many things that you need to consider when attempting to be organised and ensuring that your valuables are safeguarded. It's not easy to keep track of everything, and mistakes can happen, but if you had a little help in terms of keeping track of things, maybe with the use of lockable key cabinets and a little help from the accessories that go with it, wouldn't your life be a little easier?

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets Small Key Management Solutions Australia Telkee 530 Model 175 Key Hooks Beige

Key tags, and other accessories such as signature strips, index cards and so forth makes organisation simpler and more straight forward. However, if you already have a requirement for the likes of key tags, with Telkee Lockable Cabinets, there are some special key tags that come with the cabinets being sold. These include the likes of one plastic key tag bag that has been sequentially numbered from the starting point of one (1) to the number of hooks available in that particular model of lockable key cabinets which is available in either blue or red. That is, if you take the likes of the model T530/175, the purchase of the lockable cabinet comes with tags that have been numbered from #1 to #175. Apart from the likes of such standard offers, there are also yellow and green printed key tags up for grabs if you so require them. Custom numbering is definitely doable, with our services being offered to print key tags from numbers #0001 all the way up to #9999. That is a lot of keys! However, when it comes to special hand stamped key tags, there is a surcharge involved as the process is different, and for it a $0.10 per tag is attached for such a service.

Apart from the key tags, you might also want your cabinets to match the aesthetic of your office or surrounding where you will place your wall mount or free standing lockable key cabinet. The Telkee Lockable Cabinets come in two distinct colours, being either beige or gray. These two colours have their own advantages, where beige is best for offices and a standard colour, whilst the gray (which is actually Hammertone Gray), hides the likes of scratches better if it comes to that. However, do keep in mind that all the cabinets have been painted with a baked enamel scratch resistant paint, and the 347/35 model is the only one available in gray, while the others offer you the choice of picking from either colour.

Peruse the various models, products and accessories made available to you when you are looking to purchase lockable cabinets from the online catalogue. You will not be disappointed.

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