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Locking Options for Key & Storage Management Solutions

Keys, the magical devices that save and protect all those valuable resources that you hold dear; all of the things that you value and cherish. Keys have become an integral part of everyday life for every one of us. I am sure you can picture what sort of chaos would ensue if we lost our key chain even for a few hours. Yet, that is for single individuals; imagine how would it be if that same thing happened in an office or an organisation? The pandemonium and confusion would be incomprehensible. This is where locking options for Keys & Storage management solutions become important.

Save Your Keys, Save Your Profits

If an individual loses their keys that can often mean the stress and hardship of having to wait until a new set is made; but for an office or a company or organisation it can mean the tipping point between a positive or negative balance sheet. That is why these sorts of places should invest in good locking options for keys & storage management solutions. Telkee offers you a wide range of such locking options for keys & storage management solutions, that you won’t have to look anywhere else to make sure your keys are safe and sound.

State Your Need, We Have the Solution

Telkee has been in the forefront of key management with their Telkee Lockable Cabinets and they are not that far behind when it comes to locking options for keys and for storage management solutions for them. Telkee offers a variety of locking options when it comes to storage management solutions for keys. Starting from the standard cam lock that offers two keys, Telkee also gives you the Bi-lock cam lock that gives you the better of two locking solutions. You can also purchase a spare Bi-lock key as per you requirement if you want give more people access to your keys.

For a more stable an on location locking solution, Telkee offers you the 3 digit combination lock. This assures you that the access to your keys will be contained to only the people with the knowledge of the combination and it also gives you the freedom to change the combination, and thus access, at your discretion, at any time you see fit. But if you want to go a bit more high-tech Telkee gives you the option of having a mechanical key pad in order to lock your key cabinet.

When it comes to business organisations the efficient management of resources can spell the difference between a profitable balance sheet and a negative one, at the end of the year. So who accesses and uses those resources becomes very important at the end of the day.  With locking options for Keys & Storage management solutions from Telkee you can be assured that you will have control over all aspects of who utilises which keys at your organisation.

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