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Lockable Key Cabinets for School Key Storage Management

Many schools use lockable storage cabinets for students to store their school books and personal items. Since these school lockers have lock mechanisms placed on the front to keep student’s possessions secure, it is important for school management to keep an extra set of keys for each locker in a safe place in case students forget their keys or access is required for security purposes. These extra keys can be kept secure and organised using lockable key cabinets which are widely available in Australia.

Using Wall Mounted Key Management Solutions

Since space is always an issue, consider opting for a wall mounted lockable key safe that’s sturdy and incorporates a sturdy locking mechanism. Telkee Key Cabinets has an extensive array of key cabinets that are suitable for both small, medium and large schools. The modular and flexible nature of the key cabinets allow them to hold anything from 35 to 550+ sets of keys and all key racks can be easily expanded to meet growing needs by simply purchasing additional key storage panels.

Keeping the smallest things secure may seem like the hardest task, but with Telkee key storage solutions you can keep your organised and secured while ensuring teachers know where the keys are and minimum time is wasted searching for them.

Lockable Key Cabinets for School Storage Key Storage Solutions

The Telkee key cabinets have been carefully constructed with the right depth for each  hook to provide plenty of space to organise and sort through the numerous keys your school will need to store and the standard cam lock mechanism that each key cabinet comes with can be easily upgraded to keyless mechanical keypad entry with a slam latch door or several other secure locks.

Using Key Tags for Organised Australian School Key Storage

 All Telkee lockable key cabinets are provided with high quality plastic numbered key tags. Once the numbered key tag is attached to the key, it can be be easily hung on the matching numbered hook for easy access at all times. Record which number belongs to which students and use the signature strips to create a key control chart which will allow immediate knowledge of who accessed each key ensuring the highest security.

Extra  numbered key tags can be purchased separately from Telkee too, and you can also opt to order blank key tags or branded key tags with your school logo as well.

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