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Key Storage Solutions

Is your office or company going through structural or policy changes, and one element of change is the fact that all items require its own a place in terms of storage and accountability for the person who is charge of them or who uses said items. In the case of key management, your best bet would be with key storage solutions. Now, you may think what is there to think about when deciding on a storage cabinet for keys, it's pretty simple right? Essentially it is, but there are many components and features that come with quality key storage solutions, like those offered by TelKee Lockable Cabinets.

TelKee Lockable Cabinets | Key Cabinet Solutions | Key Management

You are probably wondering what makes the key storage solutions at TelKee so good. It's the fact that not only is it a reliable product, but it offers a well-rounded solution with its features, upgrades and accessories that provides proper means of key management that is every so necessary in the real world, corporate or otherwise.

Features of a TelKee Key Cabinet are many, from the quality of the build, to the exterior finish and not forgetting the security mechanisms available, the design of the components within to the fact that expandability is a breeze. Let's look at each feature of these key storage solutions individually.

The build of the key cabinet is sturdy and made out of 1ml-1.6ml steel. Available across various sizes depending on the capacity needed along with the scale of the company, these cabinets may be used across various industries too, be it real estate, fleet management, hospitals, schools, government offices and more.

The security mechanism offered for these cabinets are quite efficient, and the options made available to suit your liking are many ranging from keyless mechanical keypads to the standard lock and key. For more insight into the various locking options made available by TelKee, take some time to peruse this document on Locking Options.

The expansion options, involves using key cabinets of a certain size (small, medium and large) and keep adding panels to accommodate the capacity you are looking for provided that size of the key cabinet is within the allowed range.

The accessories are quite ideal too, where in the case of a manual locking method is preferred, accessories such as an index book to signature strips for accountability is provided apart from the standard key tags and labels. In the instance of a mechanical keypad being used, tracking software is utilised to monitor the usage of the key cabinet for accountability purposes.

TelKee Lockable Cabinets | Small Key Management Solutions

With secure key storage solutions such as the ones on offer, you can be sure that your duties are taken care of effectively and efficiently.

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