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Key Storage Solutions

Are you on the lookout for key storage solutions? We have a great range for your selection at TelKee Lockable Cabinets. Here are our popular choices for you to have a look at!

TelKee Key Cabinets | Key Management Solutions | Key Storage Cabinets

Small Key Storage Solutions Range for Key Management: All our TelKee Key Cabinets are aesthetically pleasing and match most office interiors with their sleek look and beige/gray tones. Within our range of small key management solutions, we can easily first break them down into categories by the type of security being used. Are you opting for a lock-and-key control system, or would you prefer to go with a keyless entry system via the use of a mechanical keypad.  You can opt to upgrade your security mechanism as per your wish as they are all upgradable. The models within Small Key Storage Solutions Range allows you to store from a maximum of 35 keys to 60 keys with the expansion panels that are easily latched onto the interior of the lockable key cabinet. The models include TelKee 347/35, TelKee 347/60, and TelKee 347C/20.

Medium Key Storage Solutions Range for Key Management: Available with choices of opting for keyed to keyless entry mechanisms and the choice of colour to match your office interior design, you are able to look towards your "duty of care" responsibilities in details. These include questions such as what is the capacity you are looking at; are you planning to expand your requirement in the near future; and you would need accessories for key management to go along with them. All these questions matter, and are easily answered with the great features a TelKee lockable key cabinet has to offer. The model within the Medium Key Storage Solutions Range allows you to store from a maximum of 100 keys to 245 keys, with the models being TelKee 530/100, TelKee 530/175, TelKee 530/245, and TelKee 530C/80.

Large to Extra Large Key Storage Solutions Range for Key Management: As all the cabinet solutions TelKee has to offer, these too are available with different modes of security and interior design aesthetics in mind. These large to extra large key storage solutions allows you to store from a capacity of 150 keys and hooks to 550 with the help of expansion panels. The models within the large key management solutions range includes TelKee 686/150, TelKee 686/250, TelKee 686/350, TelKee 686/450, TelKee 686C/100, TelKee 686L/150, TelKee 686L/250, TelKee 686L/350, TelKee 686L/450, TelKee 686L/550, and TelKee 686LC/150.

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