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Key Storage Cabinet

When selecting items for your office, whether it's a home office, or you are part of a growing enterprise, there are many things to consider. If you already have certain office essentials already bought, you need to figure out how well you can use them, and what you will need. A filing cabinet is something an office always has, but have you purchased a key storage cabinet for your important and essential keys.  Keeping your assets and information (confidential or otherwise) safe is crucial for a business, therefore you need to find proper place for the keys that are responsible for the security. However, have you considered whether those keys itself are secure. In such cases, secure key storage cabinets are the ideal solution to your key management requirement.

TelKee Lockable Key Cabinets | Australia Reliable Key Cabinet Solutions


When it comes to storing your keys, there's nothing better than a designated area for your keys to be kept than a key storage cabinet that not only comes with hooks also means to identify them on the key (with colour coded and printed key tags) and the labels for each corresponding hook. Sturdy, made of quality aluminium and powder coated with interior friendly colours of either beige or gray, they are the perfect office solution for key storage and management.

Growth and Expansion

With the key storage cabinets available via TelKee Lockable Cabinets you not only get a reliable office solution but also an investment, because there are upgrades and means of expansion that is super convenient. If your requirement for capacity increases, it's easy to accommodate it, as all you need to do is purchase an expansion panel to fit your requirement.


TelKee Lockable Cabinets are also very secure, not just because of its sturdy and finished exterior, but because of the great locking & security features and options made available to you when you purchase their models of key storage cabinets. Whether it's locked and secure with keys, or using a keyless access control method such as a mechanical keypad with manager override, you are assured of the safety of the contents within.

Accountability and Management

When it comes to keys, it's also important that you are accountable for them, and as part of the key management service offered, TelKee also provides accessories for this. Whether it's with index cards, signature strips or the tracking software so that whoever uses the mechanical keypad is recorded by User ID, whoever is responsible for the keys will be able to monitor whether they are at all times.

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