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Key Fleet Management Solutions & Tips

Thinking of getting into the fleet management business? Maybe you're already a full-functioning company but need some assistance with key fleet management solutions and tips for maintenance. TelKee Lockable Cabinets that offers key management solutions as well as storage solutions to this industry has put together some tips for get your started.

When it comes to Fleet Management, you need a strategy in place and principles to facilitate it. These include the likes of;

Procurement: When purchasing vehicles for your fleet, assessing whole life costing of the procurement options before you can help a business secure its fleet in the most cost-effective way possible,

Maintenance: With effective service and maintenance of your vehicle fleet in a timely, professional and legal way, you're looking towards the upkeep of a safe and cost effective fleet.

Running: With the aid of principles in running a fleet, with management of fuel, repairs and tyres, you're able to get value for money in terms of procurement of said assets.

Disposal: Whether you're opting to remarket or dispose of the vehicles in your fleet, with these principles in place, you'll be able to make a more informed decision in the depreciation, upkeep and disposal of your vehicles.

Having said that, ensuring that you have an effective fleet management strategy is important as it defines your approach and this should be clearly defined in a document for future reference. This should include the likes of - the need for a vehicle fleet business, aids in the procurement of a fleet for said business, and what means the business will take to management the fleet.  To ensure that your fleet management strategy is effective, it needs to be in line with your asset management policies too. For a well managed fleet business, it's important to base your strategy direction with insight from internal and external bodies such as drivers, passengers, and should be reviewed to ensure that it's up to date with the times and is relevant.


TELKEE Lockable Cabinets offers a vast range of secure cabinet solutions for the motor industry, catering to vehicle fleets, car park yards, valet services, auto dealerships and more. Find the right choice of  lockable cabinet solutions from the array of vehicle key management cabinets, storage solutions, and even suspension panels that allows you to utilise existing filing cabinet drawers for key management alongside documentation.

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