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Key Control Systems and How They Help Real Estate Management

Real estate is an ever-necessary industry being one of the vital necessities for survival – a roof over your head.  If you were to pick up a newspaper, you would notice the rising number of real estate listings with rising price tags as well (after the recent drop). Therefore, real estate agencies will require various management options to secure their listings for the clientele, including key management solutions.

To ensure that the homes and properties under your purview is safe while it’s listed on the market for sale, real estate agents make sure that they only show them to potential buyers on an appointment basis. This is a much safer option that the old method of having a lockbox on site. Setting up viewing on appointment basis is a common practice when selling upscale properties and this method has become quite safe and secure with concern to real estate management. Agents are enforcing it on their end where all the keys to their properties are stored safely in key management cabinets such as those offered by TelKee Key Cabinets.

Essentially, the keys to the properties are stored securely in the key cabinets until required. These can range across various sizes between small, medium and large depending on the number of properties/real estate listings being managed. For those who already own secure lockable filing cabinets, the option of using key suspended files with hooks to store keys is quite valuable too. However, when it comes to a secure key cabinet you can limit the number of personnel who access it, or even make sure they will require pre-authorisation (in the event you opt for a mechanical keypad entry system). When despatching a key from its hook, the real estate agent will need to note down the details on a signature strips that will then replace the key that was taken out. With a mechanical keypad that uses software, the details of who accesses the key cabinet with a date and time stamp will be automatically logged too.

You are able to organise and categorise the keys by types of properties using the key tag accessories that can be colour coded and numbered. Some come with advertising (such as that of your brand name); you’ll find high scale real estate/property management agencies will tend to do so as it’s a form of branding.

One of the benefits of purchasing a TelKee Key Cabinet is the fact that if you have purchased a cabinet already depending on the minimum quantity you require, you are able to get expansion panels with key hooks to make up for capacity until the maximum number of panels that can be fitted in is reached.

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