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Key Cabinets for Real Estate

When you are in the real estate market, you know that you can't lose important client information and assets such as deeds or the keys to their properties. Whether you are in the business of flipping houses, or rentals, it's important to be on top of your game. One way of doing that is with key cabinets for real estate keys, and the likes of filing cabinets for deeds and other client information.

TelKee Lockable Real Estate Key Cabinets Australia | Telkee 530 Cabinet Only Beige w/ MKP

It's the same with real estate agents, rental properties, and even hotel and inn accommodation properties. A proper and designated place for your keys can definitely help in ensuring that you not only know that your keys are in a safe place but they can be accountable with the features included with the key cabinets you are using. With two types of key cabinets on offer, being key entry and keyless entry, you are provided with tracking systems which will help accountability.

In a key & lock entry cabinet, you are provided with signature strips as well as other accessories such as printed key tags, labels for each key hook and more means to make your life easier to find the keys that you needs such as index cards. This ensure accountability, especially with the signature strips, as the person who takes out the key is required to leave behind his or her details in order for the person responsible for key management always know with whom those keys are and they can be accountable for whatever happens to them in their care.

In a keyless entry system, you are offered a tracking software system that relates to the identification code given to the personnel who have access to the key cabinet and the ability to dispatch it for use. This will prove to be a great way of key management as a supplementary measure for your real estate key cabinets.

With a number of models on offer, to suit most interiors, the key cabinets available via TelKee Lockable Cabinets are solid, sturdy and secure. If you need more than the lowest capacity for a model, then all you need to do is add in some expansion panels until you are full up. It's pretty easy and convenient. In the world of real estate, you need to be able to know where the keys to your properties are, because people will always want to either see the place before the buy it or rent it out. So make sure you have them at hand, and when not, it's in a secure location such as inside a TelKee key cabinet.

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